Jennifer Fisher the Brand Turns 10

To celebrate her anniversary, the jewelry designer is turning up the charm.

Jennifer Fisher
Photographer: Victoria Will

The jewelry designer Jennifer Fisher ____ has long had an eye for bling and a mind for business. At the age of 5, the California native started a line of earrings made from buttons with her ­babysitter while her parents were on a trip to ­Europe. By the time they returned, she had business cards. “I think I’ve had eight companies so far,” notes Fisher, who studied business marketing at the University of Southern California, in Los Angeles, and now lives in New York. Indeed, the eighth one—which began with a dog tag necklace she designed to commemorate the birth of her son, Shane—was the charm. Fisher’s eponymous line of customizable baubles turns 10 this year, and, to mark the occasion, she’s created a capsule collection of hand-painted enamel pendants, pinkie rings, and stud earrings, all of which can be personalized in various colors and motifs. “I wanted to do something different,” says Fisher, who until now has been working mostly with gold and pavé diamonds. “But something that also felt true to who I am.”

Enamel pendant and ring ($2,195 and $3,795, Jennifer Fisher, 888.255.0640). Courtesy of Tim Hout.