It Seems Jennifer Lawrence Is Already Over the Holidays, Ready for the Next Season, Please

The ‘Passengers’ actress stands out against a wall of Christmas lights in a very springtime look.

Science fiction is a rite of passage for any movie star. Natalie Portman got it out of the way early with her breakout role in Star Wars; Felicity Jones is doing it this year with Star Wars: Rogue One; and Amy Adams is also making it happen with Arrival (which, even more than Nocturnal Animals, might be her film most likely to earn her awards nods). Jennifer Lawrence dipped her toe in the big-budget X-Men franchise, in which she played the mutant Mystique, and now she’s going farther than ever before with a center-screen role in Passengers, the holiday sci-fi flick co-starring Chris Pratt. She plays a journalist stranded on a space ship, awoken from a 90-year stasis a few decades early only to find the vessel shepherding her to a distant planet might have even more issues. Throughout the press tour for the film, she’s sported a variety of designers ranging from Dolce & Gabbana to Dior, and now to Altuzarra, slaying a Hollywood step-and-repeat in a sweet, summery ensemble.

Jennifer Lawrence in Altuzarra at the photocall for *Passengers* in Los Angeles, California, December 2016.


Who: Jennifer Lawrence.

When: Friday, December 9.

Where: The photocall for her new sci-fi film, Passengers, with Chris Pratt in Los Angeles, California.

What: A periwinkle camisole patterned with cherries and a black silk organza skirt patterned with embroidered flowers and buds with a black waist belt, both from the Altuzarra Spring 2017 collection, with black platform peep-toe heels.

Why: It takes a singular look to stand out against that step-and-repeat. She’s surrounded by pools of twinkling Christmas lights, but her seasonally inappropriate Altuzarra look is anything but festive — adorned as it is with cherries and embroidered blossoms. But when you’re the biggest movie star in the world and you live in Los Angeles, where seasons are a theoretical exercise, you can wear spring collections in December and get away with it. It’s such a perfect look for her, we can’t even fault her.

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