Jennifer Lawrence’s Republican Days Are More Recent Than You Think

The actress has been open about her Republican upbringing, but only recently revealed she voted for John McCain over Barack Obama in 2008.

Jennifer Lawrence
Samir Hussein/WireImage/Getty Images

Earlier this month, Jennifer Lawrence opened up about her Republican upbringing on an episode of Ilana Glazer’s Cheat Sheets. “I’m grateful in a weird way that I have the Republican perspective, growing up in a house of Republicans and hearing why we should vote Republican—for tax reasons, for religious reasons,” the actress, who was raised in Kentucky, said. “And then, you know, you grow up and start becoming a citizen of the world and my personal beliefs started to change.”

And change they did: Lawrence has long supported Planned Parenthood and Time’s Up, and recently joined Twitter to draw attention to the killing of Breonna Taylor. The actress also actively criticized Donald Trump ahead of the 2016 election, and continued to do so when endorsing Joe Biden earlier this month. “Donald Trump has and will continue to put himself before the safety and well-being of America,” Lawrence told V magazine. “He does not represent my values as an American, and most importantly as a human being.”

But until this week, Lawrence neglected to mention that her conservative days aren’t that far in the past. On a new episode of the podcast Absolutely Not, she revealed that she supported the party in adulthood, too. “My first time voting, I voted for John McCain,” Lawrence told the comedian Heather McMahan. “I was a little Republican.”

Despite not voting for Barack Obama for his first term, Lawrence now looks back fondly on the Obama years. “You would go days without thinking about the president,” she said. Like so many others, she credits the 2016 election as a wakeup call. “When Donald Trump got elected, that just changed everything,” Lawrence continued. “This is an impeached president who’s broken many laws and refused to condemn white supremacy and it feels there’s been a line drawn in the sand, and I don’t give a fuck. That’s just the bottom line.”

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