Jenny Slate’s Reunion with Chris Evans Is Now Picture-Perfect, Thanks to a Romantic Dolce & Gabbana Dress

“Complimentary uncoupling” works best when you have the wardrobe to match.

Nearly two years ago, Chris Evans and Jenny Slate met on the set of Gifted, their new drama about a mathematical prodigy raised by her uncle (Evans), who wants nothing more than to offer her a normal childhood — even though she excels at calculus equations far beyond her years. In the film, which opens April 12, Slate plays a supporting role as the niece’s schoolteacher Bonnie, who falls for Evans’s character Frank. In real life, too, Slate and Evans fell for each other, embarking on a 10-month relationship that many fans found almost unbelievable — until it ended towards the end of 2016, just before the two had to embark on a press tour for their co-starring film.

Slate opened up about the breakup in a recent profile in New York magazine, laying the whole saga on the table. She was nothing if not effusive in complimenting her ex — and, shortly after, he returned the favor, calling Slate his “favorite person” in an interview with People magazine. Such “complimentary uncoupling,” as we termed it, all sets the stage quite nicely for their ensuing red carpet appearances in support of Gifted — with both actors in their film-premiere finest, it’s a picture-perfect breakup if we’ve ever seen one.

Jenny Slate at the premiere of Gifted in Los Angeles, California, April 2017.

David Livingston

Who: Jenny Slate.

When: Tuesday, April 4.

Where: The premiere of her new film, Gifted, with Chris Evans in Los Angeles, California.

What: A rose-printed strapless Dolce & Gabbana gown, a riff on a look from the brand’s Spring 2017 collection, with a choker and a simple updo.

Why: What was already the most amicable celebrity breakup ever is now picture-perfect, too, thanks to Slate and Evans’s red carpet expertise. Slate opts for a rose-printed Dolce & Gabbana design in a romantic strapless silhouette, an elegant take on a tea-length design that showed on the Spring 2017 runway in Milan.

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