G.I. Joes

Joe Manganiello and Arnold Schwarzenegger hit the red carpet.

Joe Manganiello

What: A Cinema Society-hosted private screening of the action-packed new film Sabotage.

When: Tuesday, March 25th.

Where: The film premiered on the Upper West Side, but the party continued slightly further downtown at The Skylark.

Who: The stars of the film—Joe Manganiello, Saigon, and former Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger—were joined by an eager audience including Louisa Krause, Elena Foley, and Kevin Ryan.

Why: Posing together on the red carpet, Schwarzenegger and Manganiello looked like old friends. And, when asked if he was intimidated by his co-star, Manganiello—who was featured in W’s March 2014 issue—took the question in stride, responding: “I knew if I was going to be in a movie with the greatest action movie icon of all time—my childhood hero—I better bring it. It was a very motivating force.”

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