The “Multifarious” Male Model with Naomi Campbell’s Approval

There’s much more to Jordun Love than his enviable head of hair.

Jordun Love

Whether in braids on the Givenchy runway, a man bun on the streets of New York, or straightened in W‘s May issue, Jordun Love’s hair is as much eye-catching as it enviable. It turns out, though, it’s hardly all that’s going in the 19-year-old model’s head. Spiritual, philosophical, and “multifarious,” Love got his start dancing in Philadelphia and is now signed with Major Model Management in New York. He dispenses both haircare tips and life advice, here.

Your look in three words: Chill, casual, and multifarious.

Never leave the house without: It is a principle to never leave the house without chapstick! One thing I cannot live with is dry lips.

Beauty from the inside out: To look and feel good inside out, fruit and veggies are there to help! You’ll feel energized and look great.

Exercise regime: The gym is an important part of my day. I workout at least five out of the seven days: two for chest/arms, two for back/legs, and a free day for whatever I want to work on. Sadly, everyday is ab day.

Snack of choice: My go-to’s are granola bars, bananas, strawberries, and a good trail mix!

Grooming essential: Coconut oil! It can be used for any area of the skin and hair.

Skincare secrets: I am all about taking care of your skin with natural products, and the best one I own is Rescue Skin. It’s all natural and leaves my skin feeling smooth and looking good.

Favorite hair products: Normally, my hair is natural and I don’t use any other products to put in my curls. But when it comes to washing my hair, Carol’s Daughter takes care of all my needs.

Pharmacy find: The secret to a nice white smile is CVS Teeth Whitening strips! You’ll have a million-dollar smile for a cheap price.

In-tub must-read: Currently I am reading A Return to Love by [spiritual writer and lecturer] Marianne Williamson. It teaches the reader how to gain back their innocence and return to their childlike selves. You learn to think without loveless thoughts and act with love.

Dream destination: I’ve always wanted to travel to Thailand. It seems to be soothing for the soul.

Always in your suitcase: Mouthwash, Rescue Skin, coconut oil, a brush and comb, and a sweat suit!

Fragrance of choice: Fahrenheit by Dior gets me smelling fresh. Always on my Christmas list.

Best advice from mom: Never give up. It is a common quote but it is there to remind me to never give up on that dream whenever things are tough or seem far. She’s also taught me that where I am is where I am supposed to be. With each step that is taken, no matter how big or small, growth is there.

Best advice from the pros: There was this one time when I met the Queen herself, Naomi Campbell. She told me to stay patient, that my time will come and when it does to snatch it up! It plays in my head every day and I thank her for that.

Beauty icons: Beyoncé, Zendaya, and Rihanna. My mother is the top beauty icon there is in my world, though.

Bonus advice: We can sometimes be hard on ourselves and our growth levels. Understand that we must be soft with ourselves and each other as we walk through the jungle of life. Where you are is where you’re suppose to be. If you don’t like where you are, change it. Don’t let anyone stop you from prospering to your full potential.

Photos: The “Multifarious” Male Model with Naomi Campbell’s Approval

Courtesy of Major Model Management.

Photo by Joseph Trisolini, courtesy of Major Model Management.

Givenchy menswear fall 2015. Photo by Antonio de Moraes Barros Filho/WireImage.

With Maria Borges in “Squad Goals,” photographed by Steven Klein, styled by Edward Enninful; W magazine May 2016.

Photo by Kristiina Wilson, courtesy of Major Model Management.

Photo by Kristiina Wilson, courtesy of Major Model Management.

Photo by Joseph Trisolini, courtesy of Major Model Management.

Photo by Joseph Trisolini, courtesy of Major Model Management.