Juergen Teller, Abby Aguirre and Other Contributors Tell All

Get to know the people who contributed to W Magazine’s Volume 1 issue.

by Wmag

Juergen Teller Photographer

Juergen Teller and Dovile DrizytePhotographer and creative partner

Who is your favorite film character ever? J.T.: The ones Laura Dern plays. I love her. D.D.: Holly Golightly. She is funny and elegant. Charming beyond limits. Careless and caring at the same time. What film has the most beautiful fashion or costumes? J.T.: The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant or any other Fassbinder movie.What movie do you watch over and over? J.T.: The Graduate.What is your favorite film quote? D.D.: “I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse.” —Don Vito Corleone in The Godfather.Best Oscars red carpet outfit of all time? J.T.: I really couldn’t care less.

Courtesy of Juergen Teller.

Sam BryantMakeup Artist

Who is your favorite film character ever?Chewbacca. I hold him fully responsible for my lifelong obsession with tall, hairy men.What film has the most beautiful fashion or costumes?Wes Anderson’s films always have fantastic costumes, brilliantly considered and creative. I love the raven in Moonrise Kingdom, and I see something new and wonderful every time I watch The Grand Budapest Hotel.Favorite movie quote?I love the line in Gladiator when Maximus says, “On my signal, unleash hell!” It makes me want to reply, “Oh, please do!” And I always say, “Goonies never say ‘die,’  ” if I need a pep talk.Best Oscars red carpet outfit of all time?Björk, swan, love.

Courtesy of Sam Bryant.

Colby Mugrabiwriter

Who are your favorite film characters?Borat and Ron Burgundy. Honorable mention goes to Edith “Little Edie” Bouvier Beale in the 1975 documentary Grey Gardens.What film has the most beautiful fashion or costumes?Grace Kelly in Alfred Hitchcock films, particularly Rear Window. There is also nothing chicer than Tilda Swinton in I Am Love, wearing custom Jil Sander by Raf Simons.What is your favorite film quote?“You don’t understand. This is an Alaïa.” —Cher in Clueless. Best Oscars red carpet outfit of all time?Nicole Kidman in 1997, wearing a chartreuse silk dress with mink trim from Dior Couture.

Courtesy of Colby Mugrabi.

Abby AguirreWriter

What film do you watch over and over?Moonstruck. John Patrick Shanley wrote a mind-bogglingly perfect script. Half my brain still believes that Cher and Nicolas Cage are actually in love.Best Oscars red carpet outfit of all time?The beaded Bob Mackie gown Cher wore in 1988, of course—the year she won best actress for Moonstruck. On her way to the podium to accept her Oscar, she tripped, lost an earring, and audibly exclaimed, “Shit!” I’d never loved her more.Did you ever act in a school play? Yes, in the eighth grade. I had a long scene with a male classmate in which we had to have a lovers’ quarrel and then conclude with a kiss. The kiss drew audible gasps.

Photograph by Patrick Fraser.

Jamie HawkesworthPhotographer

What would you consider the most memorable film scene of all time?In Predator, when Arnold Schwarzenegger has an arm wrestle with Carl Weathers. It’s just awesome.What is your favorite film quote?“I ain’t got time to bleed,” from the film Predator.Do you have a movie you watch over and over again? Terminator 2: Judgment Day. Maybe a thousand times.

Photograph by Cecilia Byrne.