Julia Garner Might Play Anna Delvey In the Shondaland Adaptation on Netflix

The Emmy award-winning actress has already proven she has the range.

Robert Maxwell

Ever since her story became public, the world has had one question: Who will play notorious socialite scammer Anna Delvey in the eventual Hollywood adapation?

Well, as much as it is not one hundred percent confirmed, there is one person reportedly in talks to star in the Shonda Rhimes-produced adaptation of the scammer story that shook SoHo last summer: Julia Garner.

After Netflix and Shondaland secured the rights to the Jessica Pressler New York magazine story, “How Anna Delvey Tricked New York’s Party People”, about a Russian-born SoHo swindler who posed as a German heiress and scammed people out of thousands of dollars, ultimately landing in prison on Riker’s Island. Her trial—as well as her courtroom style—demanded scrutiny on a national level, and was recently unpacked by Cynthia Talmadge’s “Four Courtroom Outfits of Anna Delvey” exhibition at in London’s Piccadilly Circus Underground Station.

Per a report from Collider, Garner’s participation in the Netflix adaptation of Delvey’s misdeeds is not a done deal, but she has apparently been in “early talks” with the streaming giant about playing the lead role. Her Emmy award-winning performance on Ozark, as well as her recent turn in Kitty Green’s The Assistant (a film about a young woman who is hired to be the assistant of a Harvey Weinstein-like Hollywood executive) has proven she does indeed have the range, and hey, she’ll still be in the Netflix family if she is cast as the lead on Shondaland’s untitled Anna Delvey project.

Last year, there was also a story about Delvey written for Vanity Fair, which, according to a November 2018 profile in The Cut, will be adapted by Lena Dunham, leaving us with dueling Delvey dramas to look forward to, and another potential lead actress to speculate about. At least there’s still Florence Pugh, right?

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