June Horoscopes: Twitter’s Favorite Astrologers Share How to Start Summer Off Right

The Astro Poets are here to help you have fun in the sun.

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It’s June, the true beginning of summer. While there will be moments of melancholy tied to every summer before this one, as you’ll see in your June horoscope, it’s the right time to ask yourself what you really want, as the engines around us begin to slow down. The new moon in Gemini on June 3 will open the door to possibility—to pursuing a big dream you’ve been keeping inside you for a while. The full moon in Sagittarius on June 17 will give you the tools to be brave and blunt. Take them and ask for what you want.

With you in the stars and on Earth, The Astro Poets


You’re coming out of a dark few months and into a summer that will feel like an endless day. Important friendships have been tested this year, and you’ve endured and followed through and even remained gentle (which is hard for you). In June, you’ll see all those friends come forward and give you all that love back. You’ll be energized by this and start dreaming of a new life—a new direction in terms of your career and what makes you happy. Yes, you’re often thinking about this, but with the support of those around you, the impossible goals you set for yourself will seem attainable. Remember that red is a winning color for you. Remember to stop and look at all red things and how full of possibility they make you feel.


You’ve been feeling stronger lately, and that strength will continue this month. Traveling is in your future (you might possibly make a work trip) and the adventure will energize you. Make sure to pad your trip with extra days for exploring and get a ticket for your special person, too. Speaking of them, everything is looking up. You’re more open to accepting that things don’t have to be perfect in order for you to be happy. Coming to this realization in terms of love will also allow you to accept imperfections in other elements of your daily life. Your openness this June will bring many new opportunities, especially professionally. Remember that everything new may feel uncontainable (which you don’t like), but it’s also what makes life exciting and worthwhile.


You will feel so expansive this month. You will want to see everyone—old and new friends, exes and current lovers—and the world will truly feel limitless. It’s your time, Gemini. You are the sign that reminds everyone what happens when charm meets opportunity. You’ll be so high on yourself this month that it’s a great time to take risks, both professionally and romantically. The energy you’ll carry into any room you enter will itself be strong enough to get a yes out of almost anyone. Trust your intuition, even if it’s pulling you toward several places. Go to all of them. It’s okay if you won’t get much sleep. Remember that you aren’t a Virgo; making plans and schedules is great, but action, even in disorder, is better.

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You’ve been stuck in your own head for quite a while and June is the month to get out of it. You thrive when you’re needed by others, and you’ll be needed quite a bit this month, as family and friends will call on you for assistance and advice. Remember to pace yourself while trying to attend to everyone. You tend to be a little bit too giving when people call your name in distress, and then resent those same people later. Give only what you can, and only what is necessary. Giving away too much of yourself can prevent you from having enough left to give to people in your life who might not ask for as much, but might need you just the same. In terms of your career, you may get a new job offer by the end of the summer. Think long and hard about what your real dream is—about what you want to do with your own potential.


June will bring stability to your domestic life. You’ll find a rhythm which you’ve been seeking for a while now. It’s a good time to think about the big picture and what long-term projects and trips you’re interested in. When you have periods of calm, your initial instinct is to fill that time up with whatever’s in front of you. Don’t do that this time. Enjoy the temporary equilibrium and allow it to push you into the future. You have many desires and ambitions, both financial and creative. Some of them are so large that you’ve had them on the back burner for a while now. It’s time to sit and think about them. It’s time for you to decide whether you want to be a star or not. And you know the answer to that. You’re a Leo, come on.


You’ve been enjoying a streak of independence lately, and this new freedom is showing up in your work. You’re taking more risks both at your current workplace and within your field at large, and you’re feeling good about these risks (which is a rare way for you to feel). You may even be having a sort of professional breakthrough, with reverberations and ramifications of this breakthrough that will affect your career for years to come. In terms of love, you’re still not exactly sure what you want, or if you even want commitment after all. Given your nature, you’ll seek out long-term commitment, despite many internal objections, and will likely soon be in a happy relationship with someone you already know very well. Either that person has been in your close orbit before, or still is, or your friends will bring them in from whatever galaxy they see you matching with best.


You’re going to feel extremely sharp intellectually this month. It’s a good time to take on difficult work projects, return difficult emails, and have difficult interpersonal conversations. Logic and reason will be on your side. This new stability will also be noticed by everyone around you and give you a real sense of power. If you’re in love, stop worrying and overthinking. Your partner doesn’t think you’re too much. This is a classic Libra worry. If you’re looking for love, maybe admit that to yourself, instead of constantly putting up armor in the guise of humor and shock value. The stars are aligning perfectly with your career goals. It’s love that’s next, and it’s love that will consume you.

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Photograph by Mert and Marcus for W Magazine, September 2014.

Photo by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, styled by Edward Enninful. W Magazine, September 2014.

Photograph by Emma Summerton for W Magazine, April 2012.



Life has been uplifting for you lately, as many professional things are now in order after much shuffling around. Maybe now that that time of upheaval is over, you might actually be feeling quite bored. You will attempt to rethink your goals for the summer, especially professionally, so that you can face new challenges head-on. As for love, you will meet a new stranger who will surprise you with their emotional depth. You will try to entangle yourself with them in terms of work, when really you should try to make things more entangled romantically. You’ll also have some sort of reunion with a lost friend. It will make you feel both at peace and also just very tired. Many people will come in and out of your life this June. Let them.


This month, you’ll learn an important lesson about freedom, which you are so obsessed with. For all your talk about needing to be free, you love to control other people because you see it as a means of self-control. That’s not real freedom. And it isn’t good for you to hold on to fear about what others do when you’re not around. The people close to you love you deeply and profoundly. Trust them. You know how selective a Sagittarius is in making friends. You’re also at the start of a creative renaissance in your career, but mostly in your spirit. You will feel the need to see, make, buy, and indulge new things all summer. This is good for you. Indulge all you want. Keep going, Sagittarius. It’s not the time to stop.


Some romantic and professional things are ending, and other things are starting. You’re excited for the latter, but not sure how you feel about the former. Did you really put everything into your previous roles—especially at work—or have you been coasting along for some time now? Only you can answer this question, as almost everyone else you work with can’t tell what motivates you. You can be very allusive. Mid-month, you may also find yourself flirting with the person you least expected to like. It’s up to you if you want to take things to the next level. Doing so might be thrilling, but it will also cause much heartbreak. June will tamper your usual practicality and rational nature. This will be good for you.


June will make you feel restless and somewhat directionless. This feeling will have little to do with the stability in your life right now, which is real. Instead, it will come from your doubts about the past and whether or not you made a mistake in letting someone go. There are two worlds constantly going on inside you: the past and the future. Unfortunately, we live in only one world and it’s neither of those. What you’ll need to do this month is remind yourself that all you have to do is get through the minute you’re in right now—and then the next one, and then the next one. Don’t get ahead of yourself, and don’t look back. If there are people who you want to see again, you will. They will find you. No one is lost forever.


You’ve been getting to work very early and working hard for hours while the rest of the world is sleeping. Most everyone you know thinks that you have a special project to complete, but only you know that you’re using this solitary time to pursue some long-term goals. The good news is that you’ll see these goals through, but you can’t do everything this month. Take some time while you’re working relentlessly to also figure out what you want from your current relationship. Is it meeting all of your emotional needs, or are you just letting your needs slide? June is the month to take charge of your happiness. It’s the time to turn all your feelings into actions. You’re already doing this professionally. Love is next.

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