June Horoscopes: Twitter’s Favorite Astrologers Are Here to Get You Ready for Summer

Gemini season may seem like an invitation for everything wild in life, but this time it’s all about introspection. The new moon in Gemini will be on June 13th, and the full moon in Capricorn will be on June 28th. Take time to set intentions for not only the way you want to think about the future, but also how you’re prepared to rethink and see the past differently. Everything does move. Even what’s already happened.

Yours in the stars and on Earth,

The Astro Poets


You’ll be surprised by how much your friends help you this month. They’ll be the first to sense the unease you’ve felt about your career path. To quiet your mind, instead of saying yes to every social obligation like you often feel pressured to (by no one but yourself), keep those most discerning friends close to you. Summer is beginning, but you’re entering a time of introspection. It'll be a very creative but not necessarily easy time. Mostly, you’ll be battling—with yourself again—your old obsessions and if you’re really on the right path to happiness. Let’s face it, Aries: if you could take all of the roads, and take them twice, you would. But time isn’t infinite for anyone. Really think about what matters to you this month and where you want to give your wild energy.


This past month has brought some intense work drama into your sphere of influence. You've tried to maintain a somewhat low profile, but that may have been in vain. You may have reacted with anger initially, and now feel some shame, but try not to let those feelings consume you. What's important is how you continue to react, and the drama will subside. Soon, then, you can concentrate on what really matters to you: the work. In terms of love, your heavy romanticism will continue to rise and reach its peak as the month wears on. People think of you as steady and committed, and when you choose you to be, no one is more loyal and devoted than you. But again, it’s all up to you, and although you may be in a serious relationship now or about to be in one, there is a love from the past that continues to dominate your heart. Don’t be scared to reach out to this person. Romance comes in layers. It’s not dependent on time. This month, give your heart another chance to grow.


You’ve had a lot of big life questions lately, especially pertaining to love and if what you want—or have—is sustainable. Those answers won’t reveal themselves just yet, and you’re happiest in action, so leave the existential brain behind this month. Indulge yourself in the material world. You’ve earned it. Don’t be afraid to go to a party where you know no one—and then meet everyone. This is truly who you like to be, and it is your season after all. Your lifestyle may feel a little chaotic and cold to those around you, but they forget how much you really keep them all going. You’re more than your own show. You’re so often the link between people and what they love. This month, really show this side of you and be as extroverted as possible at work. You’ll be rewarded for it, but again, not immediately. There are many answers and celebrations waiting for you by summer’s end.


This summer will be one of travel and adventures for you. You may get branded as a homebody, but there's nothing you like more than to see new things and to collect new objects to take back to your nest when the time is right. We should clarify, though, that for you, adventures always have a family feel. You would rarely ever venture out completely on your own, without anyone you know; you prefer to take several relatives and lovers with you, if you can. You’re in luck because many of these people in your life, even those who may not go on the entire journey with you, will meet you along the way, and populate your new memories with love. June will also bring some career advancement for you. You may not have any obvious big breaks this month, but you're definitely putting down the foundation for them in the future. Have faith that work will continue to grow, as people learn of your steadfastness when it comes to the goal at hand. More good things are coming your way.


Although it will appear that this month is all about money—in equally good and bad ways—it’s actually about you and how you relate to your passion. Remember that when the material world comes knocking on your door. Also, remember that although it’s unlike you to be the one to reach out and check on your friends after a serious fight (with your Leo ego and all), they know that when and if you do it, it’s a big deal. And since you will get what you want, be the one to reach out. You’ll be feeling like more of an introvert than an extrovert this June. At first this will sadden you, because we know how much you like to be looked at, but really, you’re using this time to prepare for being seen again. You’re lining up some important career moves and working slowly but steadily on important personal projects. Keep going, Leo. You are the sun.


The last few months have brought you in touch with specific decisions in regards to love scenarios, but also to more general questions of how you want your love life to go moving forward.

What brought you to this place of indecision has deeper roots in your lifeline, as you must begin to chart out a foundation for satisfying relationships to take hold in the future. This is a struggle we all face, but you face it most acutely because of the way you look at the world so analytically. Think of love not as another thing to calculate, but as a sensual immersion beyond the body. Love is a divine sense of sensuality, which may be hard for you to completely grasp at first. Once you do, though, your relationship to love will flourish. At the same time, summer will also bring travel, friends, and general happiness. Find some time in your work schedule to dance. You’ve been so busy, and the dance floor misses you. It’s calling.


Here you are again before another summer in which you’ll have many flings—mostly in your mind. You do enjoy playing and replaying every scenario possible, over and over again, when it comes to love. Is it the game itself that thrills you more than actual commitment? You’ll have to find out. This month will lead you to some interesting people, both new friends and some from the past. You really could fall in love with any of them, but'll need to quiet down your controlling and analytical tendencies. What we’re saying, Libra, is have more fun. Yes, send that text where you actually tell someone how you feel. Have that extra drink. Take a personal day. Nothing will fall apart if you do it, even though that's what you always tell yourself. You may even surprise yourself and discover something very new about who you thought you were.


For you, June will be about career and memory. Your work mind is coming back after a long break that saw you focus on more emotional pursuits. You're building something important in your career, but only you know exactly what it is. Although it's hard for you to trust others, especially during the creative process, you should seek out the advice of a close and trusted friend to see if what you envision could actually work in your field. In terms of love, you still feel quite peaceful. But you will still keep focusing on love that is past, and which might seem more ideal than your current situation. Let’s be honest: You idealize the past in all its forms. There's something that just seems more special about days that are gone. Truthfully, they aren’t special at all, just seemingly perfect because they can't be changed. So live in the present this month. You'll be happier that way.


After so much travel and so many planes, you might be ready to stay in one place this month. You’re also bound to feel more internal and question whether or not that’s a good way to feel, with summer almost here. It is. Being quieter and not the center of attention can be very good for you; it's when you come up with some of your best ideas. It's also when you dream up your next big adventure. Still, don’t disappear on your closest friends. You have a way of doing that, and even though it holds little actual meaning, it can be taxing on them. Ways to be freer are always on your mind, whether with time, work, or love. But is it freedom or the illusion of freedom that you actually crave? Life is not an illusion. It’s about choices, after all. And it’s your choice whether or not to be free. It really is.


This month the word is... Busy! Your calendar will be very full, as you juggle concerns about both career and love that are intense and, generally, productive. You'll continue to shower your love interest with much attention and care. Some of this may be a lost cause, because a person either loves you or they don’t, and no amount of attention or gifts ever changes things. This is not to say your relationship is doomed; it's more to help you focus your energies elsewhere when you need to, as your career is going to be hot these next few weeks. Now that we’ve got your attention, we should say that it’s a really important time to set the groundwork for a long-term future in your field. So although you'll have more work than you can manage this month, stay focused and only do the things that feel most beneficial for the future. Summer will be career-heavy, and now's the time you should set a pace you can handle.


You’re dreaming of a different coast or a new home for yourself. You might not be allowing yourself that dream right now, but it’s real. Something in you is stirring for change and movement. Beware of people in your life who'll try to convince you that it’s better not to rock the boat, and that you’re steadier and happier now than you’ve ever been. There's always room for more happiness, but you have to make it. And taking a leap soon, whether in your career or where you live, may be the right thing to do. Think about who you were 10 years ago. Think about what that person really wanted. You still want the same things. They look very different now, but you’ll remember them even in their new forms. A beginning you’ve been waiting for has already begun.


You’ll be in a heavily romantic state this month. Although past flames still haunt your heart from time to time, you'll feel happy with where you are and celebrate that. If you’re in a relationship, be ready to go on some longer trips or at least some long weekends with your love, as you find new ways to be close to them. You may want to take them where you yourself have been many times before, to show them places that you know well. Resist this urge. The most fun will happen when the spaces are new to both of you, and the energy is entirely fresh. If you're single, throw caution to the wind and ask a new person out for a day date as opposed to just a quick drink. You'll learn much more about them that way, and in the end, your courtship will be much more efficient. Career-wise, things are relatively steady. What will feel like routine to you will feel like pure charm to everyone around you. Get used to it: You are magic.

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