This is not hyperbole, exaggeration, or clickbait. This is simply the honest truth about the world right now: Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin just got a puppy and it's the cutest puppy in history. It's a ridiculously cute puppy. It's an unfathomably cute puppy. This puppy should be illegal. His name is Oscar and he is a demon from the nega-realm sent to Earth to steal hearts and melt souls. He's amazing.

The pair introduced their new furry friend to the world on Saturday via Instagram Stories, playing with the pup in bed. On Bieber's Story, little Oscar nibbles on Baldwin's nose and generally hangs out on Bieber's tattooed chest as the pop star stares stony-faced into the camera. In a caption, he explained that he wasn't smiling because he was sick.

Baldwin also flooded her Instagram Stories with video of the dog, introducing him as her "Christmas baby" and admitting, "I know it's overload but c'mon!" Don't worry, keep this puppy coming.

This is the first shared pet for the newlyweds. They were first linked in late 2015 but then split and, much to the chagrin of Jelena 4 Ever shippers, got back together in May. The Biebers got engaged this past July and had legally tied the knot by Thanksgiving. Apparently going to church together multiple times per week really does bring people closer!

Bieber referred to the dog as the couple's "dogson" in an Instagram post, writing, "Meet our dogson his name is #Oscar." In about half a day, the picture has already been Liked over five million times, proving that Oscar has star quality. World, meet Oscar Bieber.

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Meet our dogson his name is #Oscar

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See below for more blessed images from The Biebers' Instagrams:

oscar 1.png

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oscar 2.png

Instagram: @haileybieber

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