A GIF History of Justin Timberlake Pelvic Thrusting

Justin Timberlake

“Yes They Can!” photographed by Michael Thompson, styled by Edward Enninful; W Magazine October 2011.

It is a testament to how beloved Justin Timberlake is that he can drop a new single for a movie called, "Trolls," and no one would be mad about it. In fact, according to the singer's new music video, the whole world is dropping everything to dance along to, "Can't Stop the Feeling," which debuted Tuesday. In it, "average" people risk both getting fired and their public reputation to gyrate to that famous falsetto. Timberlake hasn't released new music since 2013, so it's cause for celebration. He's been busy being a charming husband and father, but dammit, Timberlake just can't stop the feeling! The man's got to dance! He has, after all, been a professional pelvic thruster since 1993 when he became a member of The Mickey Mouse Club at age twelve*.* Here, we bring all those sexy moves back.

1. Timberlake performing with Ryan Gosling on The Mickey Mouse Club.

2. NSYNC’s music video for their first single, “I Want You Back,” 1996.

3. “Tearin Up My Heart,” by NSYNC, 1997.

4. The first iteration of “Bye haters,” in NSYNC’s “Bye Bye Bye,” 2000.

5. Timberlake goes solo with, “Cry Me a River,” 2002.

6. Feeling “Summer Love” in 2007.

7. In 2009, he somehow convinced Beyoncé to teach him the “Single Ladies” dance on Saturday Night Live.

8. He put on a “Suit and Tie,” in 2013.

…And couldn’t stop looking in a mirror.

Watch the full video for "Can't Stop the Feeling," below:

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