Kacey Musgraves wears a Chloé blouse; her own nose ring.

The singer-songwriter Kacey Musgraves’s major-label debut, Same Trailer Different Park, opened at No. 1 on the country charts in March, but the 25-year-old’s signature blend of wit, moxie, and provocative storytelling doesn’t always play well on conservative country radio. With songs about small-town women smoking joints and kissing girls, she has established herself as the anti–Faith Hill. “My favorite music is blunt and honest,” Musgraves says. “Not every song has to take a political stand, but it should be simple and raw.” Her street-smart writing, which is full of humor and double entendres, has more in common with early hip-hop than with Taylor Swift. “I really love a good play on words. And I love to make people laugh.” Like the best punch lines, Musgraves’s lyrics can sneak up on you. “At first, maybe it sounds just like any old country song,” she says. “But then you listen more closely.”