Kaia Gerber Had to Teach Her Mom Cindy Crawford How to Use Instagram

The 15-year-old model talks about being the face of Marc Jacobs Beauty, social media, and more.

This has been the year of Kaia Gerber. The 15-year-old daughter of Cindy Crawford and breakthrough IMG model has already appeared in ads for Alexander Wang and Miu Miu; covers for Vogue Paris and Love, which was snapped by close friend Kendall Jenner; and is the new face of Marc Jacobs Beauty.

During New York Fashion Week, Jacobs threw a house party-style celebrate that achievement. Gerber rolled deep with her parents and brother Presley, Simi Haze DJ-ed, and take-out cartons of French fries were passed as well as mini-bottles of tequila (for the guests of partaking age). On giant screens, the campaign’s Hype Williams-directed video played on loop featuring Gerber with the big crimped hair of eighties dreams thanks to stylist Guido Palau and graphic turquoise liner from the hands of makeup artist Diane Kendal. Here, the girl of the evening opens up about her personal makeup philosophy, social media, and more.

Kaia Gerber, Cindy Crawford’s Daughter, Is Becoming a Supermodel In Her Own Right

Kaia Gerber wore a white dress to accompany her mom to a Runway for Life benefit in 2001.


Here, the future style maven takes in a spot of theater with mom.


In 2010, Gerber and her family attended the premiere of “Alex’s Lemonade Stand” in Hollywood, California. Frankly, her brother’s energy drink-branded hat is the real winner here.


Gerber and a guest attended an event together in Chino, California. Hope they’re still close!


It looks as though Gerber is still taking a lot of style cues from her mom — note the similarities in their sandals and those bohemian prints.

Getty Images for Dylan’s Candy Bar

For the Teen Vogue Young Hollywood Party on September 26, 2014, Gerber looked elegant in a black column dress and her hair swept over to one side.


Basic black proves to be anything but for Crawford and her daughter at an event in West Hollywood, California in 2014.

FilmMagic for VH1

Gerber rocked a ballet-inspired tulle skirt in Hong Kong last summer.

Getty Images for Omega

Gerber and her brother Presley stunned at a Teen Vogue event in October 2015.

Getty Images for Teen Vogue

Gerber doesn’t just take after her mother when it comes to her looks–but also, it seems, for her soda preference.

Getty Images for Coca-Cola

Gerber poses like a pro with Sarah Hyland in West Hollywood.

Getty Images for Coca-Cola

The mark of a true model? Looking fabulous even in the simplest of outfits. Gerber achieves that here.

GC Images

At the Balmain x H&M Los Angeles VIP Pre-Launch last November, Gerber truly embodied the brand’s aesthetic.

Getty Images for H&M

Gerber looked positively statuesque in this black gown, which she wore to the Fashion Los Angeles Awards in March 2016.


Kaia Gerber in Zuhair Murad at the premiere of ‘Sister Cities’ in Los Angeles, California, August 2016.


Is this the first time you’ve had a party like this in your honor? I’ve never done anything like this, so it’s really crazy that all these people are here because of me!

What is your own makeup philosophy? I’ve always loved makeup, but when I’m home I usually go simple, just because I go to school and I don’t like to overdo it. But at things like this, it’s fun to just play with it. If I’m having fun with it, I’ll just wear mascara, Marc Jacobs has a really good mascara, and do something fun with the eyes. The only mistake you can make [with makeup] is putting too much on because I never want to hide my natural beauty. I think makeup should be used to enhance it or have fun with it, but I don’t want to look like someone I’m not.

Did you learn about makeup and beauty from your mom? My mom taught me a lot about how less is more with makeup and to embrace that natural beauty. She’s so confident and I’ve learned that confidence exudes beauty. People can’t think you’re beautiful if you don’t think you’re beautiful.

Do you have any beauty traditions together? We go to the spa every other month and we get scrubs, that’s like a mother-daughter thing we do.

Photo courtesy of Marc Jacobs Beauty.

Who are other beauty icons you look up to? I really look up to Audrey Hepburn. She was always classic and always beautiful, so I would hope to be at least half as graceful as. She has the personality, she has the beauty.

Do you think you’d want to be an actress? I’ve done a bit of acting before. I’m the kind of person who keeps every door open. I never say no to anything. (Editor’s note: Gerber played a role in last year’s Lifetime movie “Sister Cities.”)

People usually think of 15-year-olds posting on social media all the time, but that’s not really your style. Tell me about that. I love social media, it’s a huge part of my life, but I am a private person and I don’t want to be addicted to social media. I didn’t grow up having a phone, I think some kids now do. When I was like 10 I had one of the ones where you could call your mom or dad, but I didn’t have Instagram until three years ago. I like sharing my life with people, but at the same time I like to hold back a little bit on Instagram. I think now it’s not an uncommon thing [to be addicted to social media], it’s just part of our world, and it’s an amazing part, but it’s hard to navigate because it’s such a recent thing. My mom, I had to teach her a lot about Instagram because she didn’t know how to use it.

Tell me about working on this campaign. What was is like for you? It was just such a good experience. Marc is so creative so to be able to be part of his creative process and how fun and playful he is, I couldn’t have thought of something better for me to do. Katie Grand, who I’ve been working with for about a year, introduced me to Marc and the first time we met was on the shoot for this beauty campaign and from there we developed a relationship and I think we both just loved how [it was] youthful and creative and how we just play off each other’s ideas. He’s so much fun to be around. I loved how much they changed the looks [on set], and working with Diane Kendal—she’s amazing—and working with Hype as well, who I’ve looked up to for so long, I’ve seen every video he’s ever done.

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