5 Minutes with Kaitlin Doubleday

The “Empire” actress breaks down her beauty routine.

Kaitlin Doubleday

Kaitlin Doubleday plays the ruthless Rhonda Mae Lyon on the hit TV show “Empire,” but in real life she’s the playful type. We recently caught up with the actress at the Birchbox Road Trip Chicago Pop-Up and asked her a few of our burning beauty questions.

What is your 5-minute routine? Wash my face with Philosophy purity face wash, then use SK-11 moisturizer followed by Shiseido SPF 50 sunscreen. I curl my lashes and put on Makeup Forever Aqua Waterproof Mascara and some Clinique tinted lip balm, which has the yummiest consistency. I always go for a beigey/nude.

Biggest beauty blunder: Definitely falling in love with the tweezers when I started plucking my eyebrows. They were way too thin for years!

Earliest beauty memory: Trying on my Southern Bell grandmother’s lipstick around 5 years old. She wore so much lipstick, smelled of perfume, wore so many diamonds and thought she came from another planet and LOVED it!

Beauty pet peeve: My beauty pet peeve is when women line OUTSIDE their lip line. It looks so strange to me, it’s like, “Do you think you’re tricking anyone? We can see where the actual lip is.”

As someone planning her wedding, have you thought about what your pre-wedding beauty and health routine will entail? I’ll definitely be getting more facials in the months before, using more masks, working out harder, eating a little healthier and spending a few more hours in the gym. It’s a sacrifice, but you only get married once (hopefully!), so I want to look back on the photos and know I looked my absolute best. I’ve already cut out all meat and have loved only eating fish. I’ll definitely be keeping that and am thinking about going vegan for at least six months before the wedding.

What is your current obsession: I’m absolutely in love with Dr Jart Dermask Vital Hydra Solution Sheet Mask. I got it in my Birchbox and needed more immediately. I’ll definitely be using one on the morning of my wedding. It feels so luxurious and your face feels dewy, but not oily, and completely hydrated when you take it off.

If you had 10 more minutes in the morning what would you do? I would meditate more regularly. I’ve been saying I should and trying for a while now and know that it would help with stress levels—and stress always makes me look tired!

Photos: 5 Minutes with Kaitlin Doubleday

Kaitlin Doubleday. Photo by Getty Images for Birchbox.

Kaitlin Doubleday. Photo by Getty Images for Birchbox.

Kaitlin Doubleday and co-star Grace Gealey. Photo by Getty Images for Birchbox.

Kaitlin Doubleday and co-star Grace Gealey. Photo by Getty Images for Birchbox.