There is perhaps no greater 21st century love story than Kim Kardashian and Kanye West; it took them nine years since first meeting—and two marriages on Kardashian's side—to finally get together, but those crazy kids found their way and have been making up for lost time ever since. It's a love perhaps never more evident than on June 8th, the day on which West was born. Each year, Kardashian takes to her social media platform of choice, Instagram, to post a heartfelt message to her husband. It's become something of a tradition, one apparently not marred by the fact that West actually doesn't have an Instagram of his own anymore, and thus, can't actually see her digital love letter. "Happy birthday, babe! I know you're not on social media anymore, so you're not gonna see it anyway—and I'm going to be with you to tell you! But if I don't post it, then all the stories will start so...I love you so much! Happy birthday!" Kardashian wrote on her app last year, sharing that she is, indeed, in on the joke. Here, a look back at all of the images the social media star has shared on West's birthday.

Kardashian started the birthday trend in 2013, just a year out from officially becoming Mrs. West, with a collage of the two lovebirds. Most notably, two feature West smiling. Love is real.

The following year, fresh off their wedding extravaganza, Kardashian posted a black-and-white photobooth picture—a Kardashian family staple—of the two kissing from the reception. The caption was earnest and heartfelt: "Happy Birthday to my husband and best friend in the entire world! You have changed my life in more ways than you know! The way you look at life inspires me! I love you so much!!!"

The 2015 festivities began with a picture of West's birthday cake, a tan rendering of his album logo. Impressive, but not entirely appetizing.

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Birthday Cake!!!!!

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The cake picture was quickly followed by a 'gram of the duo, which, like the year prior, was taken at their wedding reception. The message also echoed the 2014 version. "Happy Birthday to my best friend in the entire world! You are the most amazing husband & dad! You inspire me every single day! You make all of your dreams reality & it's fascinating to be by your side & watching it all happen! You have a heart of gold! Have the best birthday ever! #SWISH"

Kardashian also posted a special message from North that year, a childhood photo of West, with the caption, ""Happy Cake Daddy"- North."

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"Happy Cake Daddy"- North

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In 2016, Kardashian contemplated the passing of time. "Happy birthday to my best friend! I usually would be scared for us getting older but as each year passes I'm just happy we have more time on this earth together! I love you so much and hope this year brings you so much happiness"

Last year, Kardashian posted a throwback picture (it was a Thursday, after all) of the two out and about in New York City. "Happy Birthday babe I love you so much! You inspire me every day to be a better person! I'm so grateful for you" It ended, aptly, with a heart emoji.

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