Kanye West’s Sunday Church Service Is Too Loud for the LAPD

Even Yeezus isn’t immune to noise complaints.

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Taylor Hill

In the past, it may have been hard to imagine believe that Kanye West would miss out on the opportunity to join the hordes ranting about Donald Trump in the wake of the Mueller report. But this is 2019, which has brought us a very different kind of Kanye: one who’s so fully embraced his inner Yeezus that he’s pivoted to preaching, inviting others to join him on the path of spiritual enlightenment he’s embarked on each and every Sunday of this year, at his weekly weekend church service.

Not so surprisingly, given the runaway success of the celebrity church Hillsong, those services have been quite the success—just ask Diplo, David Letterman, Kid Cudi, or one of the many other celebs who’ve attended. (The event, if you couldn’t tell, is invite-only, though Variety has managed to track down a few anonymous individuals willing to break their NDAs and dish on West reportedly footing the bill for an entire choir to join him on a private jet.)

Somehow, though, it appears the Los Angeles Police Department didn’t get the memo. Over the weekend, two cops showed up to West’s most recent service sans invitation—unless you count that of the neighbors who asked them to address their noise complaints, which made Yeezus and his followers easy enough to track down. (West has yet to find a permanent home for the prayer circles, which come complete with a band, an orchestra, and a choir.)

Aside from killing the vibe—celebrities reportedly started taking off soon after their arrival, which also brought an end to a dance performance by North West—it doesn’t sound like law enforcement ended up doing very much. Still, if West doesn’t come up with a solution soon, he might just lose his newest recruits—Katy Perry, Orlando Bloom, and Courtney Love among them—to the likes of Hillsong’s unofficial mascots: Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin.

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