Typos and All, Kanye West Is Live-Writing His Philosophy Book on Twitter

Last week, Kanye West gave a rare, expansive interview in which he casually mentioned that he's writing a philosophy book—one that he's so serious about that he's already come up with a title: Break the Simulation. On Wednesday, after a weekend that saw him make the long-awaited return to his legendary Twitter account, the musician offered up his usual fare of design snippets and incomprehensible missives—and doublied his following count to 7.6 million and counting—before teasing the book further: namely, how its release is coming up much, much sooner than you think.

Surprise! It's actually out right now—or at least, several installments of it are. After firing off eight tweets within about 20 minutes, which covered everything from general life advice to how he believes "we are all trained actors," West snuck in that, "oh by the way. this is my book that I'm writing in real time. No publisher or publicist will tell me what to put where or how many pages to write. This is not a financial opportunity this is an innate need to be expressive."

Even though he doesn't have an editor hounding him for updates, West still offered a check-in on his progress with the book so far. When exactly he'll complete it, on the other hand, still seems entirely up in the air, since he announced that he "will work on this 'book' when I feel it." (Yes, he put the word "book" in quotation marks—and also proceeded to take live-tweeting to another level by live-editing his live-tweeting-book-writing.)

From there, he shared a few more koans, which the New Oxford American Dictionary defines as "a paradoxical anecdote or riddle, used in Zen Buddhism to demonstrate the inadequacy of logical reasoning and to provoke enlightenment." (At this point, though, they might as well add "used by Yeezus" to the "used in Zen Buddhism" part.) Then West shifted to a much simpler realm that he's scarcely ever entered before: that of emojis. "Cars have four wheels. Hoodies have hoods. It's amusing to me when some one says this is an original hoodie. Bro... it's a hoodie," he said with a shrug emoji.

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Twenty minutes later, it turned out he had another emoji up his sleeve: the laugh-crying one, which came after he said, "I find myself getting stuck in the idea of originality and letting my ego push me to say things like 'this person stole this from me' and the funny thing is it'll be a reference I took from somewhere 😂." Perhaps that's why he surprisingly didn't go off when Shia LaBeouf claimed he'd stolen his clothes for a pop-up shop? In any case, he then capped off his latest tweet storm with one less missive, which began, "let's be less concerned with ownership of ideas."

It's reassuring that West seems to be taking things less seriously, because if these tweets really are sections of his book—or "book," as he puts it—he's in dire need of a copy editor. (Or at least someone who's a bit more fond of punctuation.) It would be a bit hard for him to not tone things down between today and yesterday, though, since Kim Kardashian, who teamed up with Chrissy Teigen to publicly tease him and his absurd declarations—as well as adding her own one, that this whole turn of events is most definitely not to be taken seriously. It'd be hard for West to have missed those digs: Kardashian is, after all, still the only person he follows on Twitter.

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