Kardashian Beauty

Khloe and Kim talk about Valentine’s Day, hair care, and more.

Kim and Khloe Kardashian

Sometime this week, between the Grammys, New York Fashion Week, and Valentine’s Day, the Kardashian sisters found the time to debut a new hair care collection. (No one said keeping up with them was easy.) “We wanted a line that really represents Kourtney, Khloe, and I,” Kim said at the launch of Kardashian Beauty. “We obviously get our hair and makeup done so often, we always learn the tricks of the trade,” added Khloe. “We wanted to start out with what we thought were the essentials.” Among those must-haves are styling products like Black Seed Dry Oil and a dry shampoo and conditioner that Kim and Khloe are especially fond of (“I haven’t washed my hair since the Grammys,” Kim said on Tuesday) as well as tools like a blow dryer, teaser comb, and three-in-one straightening, curling, and waving tool that will no doubt come in handy for the ladies’ February 14th beauty looks. “I mean, I like big, sexy hair, but if I don’t have someone to help me, I’ll blow it out and flat iron it, part it down the middle, and I’m good,” Khloe said of her go-to Valentine’s Day style. Kim, on the other hand, has other plans: “I have to see what my Wang show look is to see what my Valentine’s Day look will be,” she said with a smile. Prioritizing is key during NYFW after all.

Kardashian Beauty.