You know in middle school how you were sort of aware of the clique drama in the grade above you, and while you didn't exactly care about which girl got invited to which sleepover, it was still somehow kind of interesting? That's probably the best way to explain the collective interest into whether or not pop star Taylor Swift and supermodel Karlie Kloss are still best friends or not. It shouldn't really matter whether or not they hang out as much as they used to but like...we kinda want to know! Because they used to do everything together and now they don't and...what's up with that? Even Jennifer Lawrence is interested!

Well, fear not, fans: their friendship is still going strong, according to Kloss. Talking to the New York Times, Kloss said that she and Swift "talk frequently." So there you have it. They talk. Frequently.

In the same interview, Kloss cautioned us, "Don’t believe everything you read” and then expounded on her friendship with tennis champ Serena Williams, calling her "one of the most extraordinary women on the planet,” and someone who "challenges the status quo in so many ways, and I learn from her constantly.” Cool!

One person she did not talk about, and, in fact, refused to talk about, is her longtime boyfriend Joshua Kushner, brother to Jared Kushner, advisor to President Trump and husband of Ivanka Trump. So, while it's confirmed that Kloss and Swift talk, we have no idea whether or not the singer talks to Ivanka (frequently or otherwise).

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