A Paris Dream Come True

Author Kate Betts celebrates her new coming-of-age memoir.

Kate Betts My Paris Dream

What: Daniella Vitale and Charlotte Blechman host a special luncheon in honor of Kate Betts and her new coming-of-age memoir, My Paris Dream.

When: Tuesday, May 12th

Where: Freds at Barneys New York.

Who: Kate Betts, Daniella Vitale, and Charlotte Blechman were joined by designers Maria Cornejo, Gigi Burris, and Sophie Theallet, as well as stylist Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele and a host of other fabulous fashion folks.

Why: Betts shares her education in style, slang, and seduction in the great city on the Seine. Because who doesn’t dream of Paris?

Photos: A Paris Dream Come True

Kate Betts and Deborah Roberts. Photo by

Bevy Smith, Sophie Theallet, Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele, and Rula Jebreal. Photo by

Jennifer Fisher and Gigi Burris. Photo by

Katie Ermillio. Photo by

Maria Cornejo and Alice Waese. Photo by

Charlotte Blechman and Daniella Vitale. Photo by

Kick Kennedy and Sabine Heller. Photo by