Style Notes: Kate Foley

Edited by Karla Martinez and Vanessa Lawrence Kate Foley (above), a buyer for Opening Ceremony in New York and our August issue’s It Girl, likes her bags mini, her heels chunky and her furniture colorful...

Edited by Karla Martinez and Vanessa Lawrence

Define your style in three words: Contrasting, Comfortable, Feminine

Greatest hits: Charles Anastase green ostrich leather and wood wedges, red Opening Ceremony pumps with a metal toecap, lace Opening Ceremony dress and my Grandmother’s wolf fur jacket that helps me survive the New York winter.

Preferred footwear: Nearly always wedges or platforms, I always seem to find myself gravitating towards heavy chunky heels. If I’m not wearing wedges I’ll be wearing sneakers; black and white Nike Blazers or Adidas Sambas—even with dresses. I really love contrasting ultra girly, feminine pieces of clothing with a heavier or “unexpected” shoe.

Finishing touches: I love really simple accessories. I wear the same collection of rings, earrings and necklace everyday and night— my Delfina Delettrez Skull Ring, three vintage gold wedding bands and a vintage gold snake band. My necklace is a silver skull, a gift my mother found for me in Mexico.

I usually only carry tiny bags or linen cloth bags if I need more space. I love rich jewel colors with gold hardware. The purple bag pictured is just a vintage one I found and the orange a Louis Vuitton heart wallet. I love them both! My red Chanel bag is so old and battered now, but I still use it a lot.

Nighttime look: I never change my outfit to go out unless it’s to go to something incredibly formal. Perhaps the most I would change is my shoes to a pair of heels if I’m not wearing them already. I like the idea that your daywear can be worn all the way through into the evening. For me it feels too high maintenance to change. I never dress super “nighttime” or overtly sexy so I guess this is easier as my nighttime look is just the same as what I’d wear in the day!

Best recent discovery: I recently started using Michael Van Clarke “3 More Inches” Hair products, which I am now addicted to! I also just discovered the work of jewelry designer Jordan Askill and sunglasses designer Thierry Lasry both of which I really, really love!

Favorite stores: Liberty of London, Colette, Opening Ceremony and Dover Street are all amazing stores. They think beyond just the products they’re selling. The experience should be about more than just that.

I am obsessed with fabrics both new and old. My favorite stores/designers are Stella Dallas vintage fabric store in NY and The Cloth House in London. I love the textile prints of both House Of Hackney and Josef Frank. They’re both totally original.

Style pet peeve: Purposefully ripped tights— I just don’t get it at all.

Style icons: I don’t really have any style icons as such. I more just get inspired by my current surroundings.

Last purchase: I just ordered a cobalt blue and gold mini Chanel bag, which I must admit I’m pretty excited about!

Lusting after: A bright pink animal print sofa from House Of Hackney and printed fabric covered Trunk which a friend Freya Closs makes…. oh and also the Balenciaga pistachio Lego style heels from the Fall 2010 collection.

Favorite haunts: The new Ruschmeyers Hotel in Montauk is so cool, I went for the opening on Memorial Weekend which was so much fun, the food by the guys at the Fat Radish is amazing.

I love being outside at the beach or in a garden. My mum’s an amazing gardener and I’ve grown up with the most incredible English Garden. I am my most relaxed when I can spend time there whenever I’m able to escape back to the UK. I’m planning on creating my own roof garden in Brooklyn at the moment but we’ll see how that goes!

Photos: Dan McMahon