Keanu Reeves Brought His Mom to the Oscars

She wasn’t afraid to give Ryan Seacrest some sass.

Patricia Taylor and Keanu Reeves
Amy Sussman/Getty Images

For the first time since the internet discovered their relationship, it seemed possible that we might actually see Keanu Reeves and his longtime girlfriend, Alexandra Grant, walk a major red carpet together. And while Reeves did indeed bring a date to the 2020 Oscars on Sunday night, it wasn’t Grant. Instead, Reeves opted to bring Patricia Taylor, his mom.

At first, Taylor’s appearance caused a bit of confusion, thanks to the internet’s fascination with Grant’s gray hair. Taylor’s, on the other hand, is a much snowier white, which perfectly matched her white tailored suit. It’s no wonder she was dressed impeccably; the 76-year-old is a costume designer, whose past clients include Alice Cooper. (She also designed the bunny outfit Dolly Parton wore on her 1978 Playboy cover—and which Reeves rewore for Halloween in 1983.)

Reeves, who’s never been nominated for an Academy Award, is set to present one of the night’s awards. Before heading inside, he and Taylor stopped for a joint interview with Ryan Seacrest, who greeted Taylor as “Keanu’s mom.” (In turn, Taylor greeted him as “someone else’s son.”) Knowing that Reeves wouldn’t be able to say much at all, Seacrest instead asked Taylor what she knew about Matrix 4. “Nothing,” she said, adding that she could instead tell him all about “Matrix 1, 2, and 3.”

Like Grant, Charlize Theron also brought her mom to the ceremony. They weren’t the only ones to change up the usual red carpet couple formula; Rooney Mara and her fiancé, Joaquin Phoenix, walked the red carpet separately, as did Camila Morrone and her boyfriend, Leonardo DiCaprio.

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