May 15: Margaret

The newest from Kenneth Lonergan.

Kenneth Lonergan helped to launch Mark Ruffalo’s career with his acclaimed 2000 film You Can Count On Me, but Lonergan’s long-awaited follow-up, Margaret, shot in 2005, became famously mired in postproduction litigation before being released last year. Still, it’s as a terrific playwright that Lonergan first made his mark, with a string of hit plays. On May 15, at New York’s Signature Theatre, Lonergan returns with ­Medieval Play, about two mercenary knights, which just may or may not prove to be an allegory of his extended jousting with Hollywood producers (through June 24).

Hair by Jamal Hammadi for Hamadi Organics at Starworksartists.com; Makeup by Lisa Storey at The Wall Group; Manicure by Lisa Jachno for Sephora by OPI at Aim Artists.