The definitive take on Kellyanne Conway may belong to Saturday Night Live's Kate McKinnon's twisted cartoon version, but one of the most complicated, public and intriguing members of the Trump administration certainly opens herself to more than one interpretation. Alternative acts, if you will. Enter Diane Kruger, fresh off her win for Best Actress at the Cannes Film Festival, to offer a more melodramatic version in The Kellyanne Conway Story.

Playing just like a '90s Lifetime network movie, the trailer is actually for a Funny or Die production and an apparent spiritual sequel to the website's Trump-themed mini-movie starring Johnny Depp (who does not return).

Kruger plays Conway accurately as a devotee of Ted Cruz who originally laughs off Donald Trump as a danger to democracy like most of the rest of D.C. insiders and fears his chances of winning over a glass of white wine. But once Cruz drops out, Conway is quickly seduced by the limelight and power that hitching herself to the Trump train affords her, even if at first she tries to stay true to her moral compass.

"I know what you like," says Donald Trump (who is played by Christopher Meloni, naturally). "The attention. The power. Thirty percent off Ivanka's stuff."

Even fictional Melania Trump (Genesis Rodriguez) and Mike Pence (Ben Feldman) are taken back by Conway's sudden shift from maintaining integrity to being seduced by hearing her own voice on cable news.

"Kellyanne, where are you? Your eyes, they are dead. I did not sign up for this," cries Meloni as Trump.

Meanwhile Trump seduces Conway into the world of alternative facts and imagined witch hunts. In fact (or perhaps not in fact, who knows), there's also a few extended clips on Funny or Die, including one that explains the birth of "alternative facts."

We're assuming that a full-length mini-movie is on its way.

Though, there is no shortage of other Trump campaign-themed productions on the horizon in which more fictional takes on Conway are sure to appear. HBO and the team behind Game Change is already working on a Trump-themed miniseries (we've said it before and we'll say it again, but anyone who has seen To Die For knows this a role for Nicole Kidman). Plus, who knows, a Conway character might show up in the next election-themed season of American Horror Story.

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