Kendall Jenner’s Feud With a Brooklyn Bar Baby’s All Right Will Not End

It’s now day six.

kendall jenner
Karwai Tang/WireImage/Getty Images

In this corner: Kendall Jenner, supermodel, social media maven, member of the world’s most talked about family.

In the other corner: Baby’s All Right, a Brooklyn bar and concert venue that is usually more relevant for hosting things like five night residencies by bands like British post-punk The Fall.

Somehow, someway, these two entities are involved in a seemingly never-ending back and forth tiff on social media, because that is just the world we live in now.

The beef all started last Thursday after Jenner was spotted out and about in New York City with close friend A$AP Rocky, who later performed that night for a surprise set at the venue. “Kendall Jenner spotted in Williamsburg hipster hotspot,” would have, in and off itself, been a mildly interesting gossip item, but the bar blew it up into the tabloid stratosphere when it was posted a (since deleted) picture of Jenner’s alleged $24 bar tab.

“Don’t forget to tip your bartender,” read the Instagram caption.

The Instagram post sent shockwaves through Brooklyn. Or, if not shockwaves, at least a bunch of people DMing it to each other and laughing.

Jenner meanwhile caught wind of the Instagram controversy herself, and decided to address it with claims that she had tipped in cash.

For some reason, Khloe Kardashian, who is not otherwise part of this saga, decided to chime in as well. Because, sure, why not?

Baby may be all right, but Jenner’s Tweet wasn’t by the bar’s standard. The bar’s Instagram account decided to reply with a Nietzsche quote. Again, because, sure, why not?

Of course, the bar has now also deleted this Instagram as well.

Jenner fans, we should report, are all up in Baby’s All Right’s comment section ripping the bar to pieces. We spotted at least one use of the hashtag “#shutdownbabysallright” so you know it’s serious.

The latest move was made once again by the bar this afternoon with yet another Instagram post that references the Dalai Lama. A second slide includes a quote that reads, “Do the right thing…even when no one is watching.”

We’d like to pretend this is the last of it, but who are we kidding? At the rate this is going it probably will serve as a plot point in next season’s Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

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