There’s a Japanese game show whose title has been translated, alternately, as Candy or Not Candy or Sweets or Not Sweets, but the premise is the same: Celebrities of various descriptions hang out in a room, biting into random objects in an effort to figure out which ones are real and which ones are simply candy manufactured to look like, say, a coffee table, a potted plant, or a doorknob.

It appears that Candy or Not Candy has made its way onto Jimmy Fallon’s radar, for, on a recent episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the late-night host recruited one Kendall Jenner, supermodel and noted pizza aficionada, to try out the game as a short segment. In the clip, the comedian and model sit in arm chairs facing a conveyor belt where an assortment of inanimate objects will roll out for them to begin tasting. Jenner wears her hair swept into a high ponytail (presumably with extensions), topping off a look pulled from the Area Fall 2019 runway: an orange cropped blazer with a beaded fringe and a matching crop top and skirt in coral-colored tie dye.

Completing the look, Jenner’s own shoes are nude stilettos, but she and Fallon are soon confronted with a whole variety of footwear for the first round of Candy or Not Candy. A series of shoes rolled onto the conveyor belt, and Fallon asks Jenner which she’d like to try first—which, he asks, she thought was most likely to be candy. Jenner selects a bright yellow Croc and gingerly takes a bite: Not candy!

Fallon’s up next and pulls a brown loafer out of the lineup. (Brown shoe, must be chocolate, right? “It can’t be that obvious,” Jenner says.) Not candy. A red patent heel? Also not candy. A gold heeled cowboy boot? Definitely candy.

Round two: a variety of telephones. Fallon wins out of the gate, selecting a red landline that turns out to be chocolate. (He offers Jenner a bite, and she’s still unconvinced that it’s actually, genuinely edible.)

The last round is all children’s toys, and compounding Jenner’s confusion over what’s food and what’s not is an apparent confusion over what these toys actually are. The lineup consists of a Rubik’s cube, a Mr. Potato Head, a rubber duck, and a Gumby; Jenner says it’s either “the little green man” or “the cube.” They have names! Has Jenner never seen a Gumby? Anyways, she picks the Rubik’s cube and it’s not candy. Jenner, by her own admission, “suck[s] at this game.” Rubber duck, also just a rubber duck. Mr. Potato Head, though, that’s chocolate. Kendall Jenner wins!

Jenner is no stranger to things that look like other things: She and sister Kylie Jenner got into some trouble in late 2017 over a bag designed to look like a Chinese takeout box, part of their Kendall + Kylie collection, that also happened to look a lot like a similar design from Kate Spade. Candy or not candy?