Kendall Jenner, the (happily) only non-parent spawn of Kris Jenner, is keen to let you know that even though she and her family are in Aspen for New Year's Eve, where it's very cold, she's still a supermodel. Get the memo? No matter the time, place or holiday, Kendall Jenner still has a perfect bikini body, and it's important that we remember this fact. To wit, she played in the snow in a pink string bikini and posted pictures of the snowy adventure on Instagram with the caption, "fuck it’s cold."

In addition to the lamé bathing suit, which presumably is to be worn in one of the outdoor jacuzzis popular at fancy ski resorts, Jenner also donned more weather-appropriate wear, like snow boots, sunglasses, and a big furry hat. This is a look for when you're jet-skiing at noon but have an appointment to join the Russian army at one. Oh, and a mug of a warm liquid. Maybe it's hot cocoa. Maybe it's the tears of a thousand get-fit New Year's resolutions, shed at the mere sight of Jenner's sculpted physique. Maybe it's tea.

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fuck it’s cold

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On Instagram Stories, she further documented her fun family trip, posting a picture of her South Park-inspired snowboard and her car's temperature readout, which showed negative two degrees. See, this is what distinguishes professional models from the rest of us Instagram poseurs: it can be negative two degrees outside and Kendall Jenner will put on a bikini, dammit. Meanwhile a light drizzle is enough to make us regular folk pack it in and stay on the couch.

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Jenner did, actually, bundle up for her time on the slopes. On The Daily Mail, you can see pictures of her wearing the traditional parka and ski pants, though being the world's highest-paid model, she managed to make the layered look fashion.

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