No One Does Airport Style Like Kendall Jenner

Keeping it all in the family, as per usual, with a pair of Yeezy boots.

When we last saw Kendall Jenner, she was walking the red carpet of the Golden Globes NBC afterparty with sister Kylie Jenner on her arm, a dream date if there ever was one. She wore an elegant, rust-orange Paul Ka dress, a strapless ball gown that contrasted with her sister’s slinky liquid silver dress. That was last weekend; this weekend, she’s back in New York, and back to her old street-style tricks. She arrived at New York’s JFK airport in a crop top and sweat pants topped off with a slouchy denim jacket, a variation on a look she’s often turned to in the past. Juicy Couture might be having a comeback thanks to Vetements’s endorsement, but Jenner is elevating the velour track suit as a travel staple with a few key accessories.

Kendall Jenner in Yeezy and Hermès in New York, New York, January 2017.

GC Images

Who: Kendall Jenner.

When: Thursday, January 12.

Where: Leaving John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City, New York.

What: A brown velour crop top and sweat pants with a denim jacket, Yeezy Season 4 lace-up boots, and a black Birkin bag.

Why: Remember when you were a teen, and a matching velour ensemble was the height of chic? Those days are upon us once more, thanks to the throwback looks of stars like Zendaya and Kendall Jenner. (And, of course, the ’90s streetwear trend fostered by Demna Gvasalia at Vetements.) Jenner adapts the look to her own style, in a crop top and sweats completed with an oversized jacket and elegant accessories — the Birkin might be every It girl’s favorite travel companion, but not every It girl has mastered traveling in Yeezy stiletto boots. Though we might be hoping to attend the funeral procession for athleisure in 2017, it’s hard to argue with the trend when it’s polished off with Yeezy and Hermès. Jenner keeps it all in the family, as per usual.

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