Despite being very open about being the happiest she's been in her life—with a baby on the way, of courseKhloé Kardashian is admitting that while she fell for her boyfriend of about a year, NBA player Tristan Thompson, rather quickly, it took some time to fully get to a point of trust with him. (Well, an ex-NBA player husband with a secret penchant for brothels can certainly do damage on your psyche.) How exactly did she know Thompson was "the one" so easily, you ask?

"My answer for this probably doesn't apply to everybody, but I knew Tristan was the one very quickly—I have never felt so comfortable or so safe with someone," she wrote on her app. "Because of that, I took it very slowly and was cautious about how I went about 'us.' I made sure we had very in-depth conversations. I wanted to make sure that those conversations were backed up by actions."

Without naming names, Kardashian continued to write that their moral values lined up better than with any beau she had in the past. In fact, it even surprised herself. "Tristan was so forthcoming with his life, as I was with mine. It was really reassuring to feel that someone had the same belief systems as I did. We shared the same principles and morals. We spoke about religion, children and our families. I think all of those things are important to truly know the ins and outs of someone," she explained. "It's really easy to fall in love with someone during a honeymoon phase when you haven't yet discussed the logistics of life. But you have to talk about the real things if you want a real/long-lasting relationship."

Additionally, Kardashian notes that you just can't fake the passion: "That being said, you cannot fake the energy or chemistry that you have with someone. That means more to me than any conversation. But you need that foundation for when the honeymoon phase is over. You still must have respect and a mutual love for one another."

Now, if only she'd indulge us with some more potential baby names.