A Fashion Collaboration Was Inevitable for Eileen Kelly

Eileen Kelly

Eileen Kelly. Photo by Salim Green and MeltheKing.

Despite the fact that they call themselves "outlaws," Parisian designer Alexandre Daillance, a.k.a. @millinsky, Russian-born DJ Kirill Chizhikov, best known as @cyber69, and American social media star Eileen Kelly, a.k.a. "Killer and a Sweet Thang," are all extremely well-connected. They followed each other on their wildly popular Instagram accounts before Luka Sabbat introduced the three of them in New York City a few weeks ago. A collaboration was inevitable — Kelly went to prom with Sabbat; Daillance's "I came to break hearts" NasaSeasons hats are worn by mutual acquaintances Rihanna, Justine Skye, and Ian Connor, and Cyber 69 DJs with none other than millenial whisperer and "über connector," Virgil Abloh.

The result of these three putting their heads together is a new NasaSeasons baseball cap that says "outlaw" on it in Russian, with the number 69 on the back for good measure; they'll be available on the brand's site next week and select stores.

All agreed that to be an outlaw means to be yourself.

Kelly elaborated: "We live in such a controlling society and world, it can be difficult at times to be yourself. We are a lot less free than we think we are. We are a prisoner to other people's opinions, to big business, the list goes on. I think outlaw doesn't mean being reckless and doing things that are against your morals. but more just going against what is expected!"

Cyber 69 put it much simpler: "I don’t satisfy with world order. I’m out this b—tch."

Daillance, who is only 18-years-old and founded the brand with friends Hugo Lieber, Edward Newgate, Neil Saada and Nima Asgari,hopes his hats will soon become a youthful "outlaw" uniform the world over. "Because both Cyber 69 and Eileen are young and creative, they represent the essence of the NasaSeasons spirit," he said. "Specifically, Eileen represents very well the “Teenage Romance” theme that NasaSeasons looks for through its products. Her motto could definitely be: 'I came to break hearts.'”

For the collaboration lookbook, the three outlaw musketeers went on a little field trip around New York, stopping at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the NYPD, and finally Kelly's rooftop, where she often poses for Instagram.

"She’s very cute, Killa," said Chizhikov, who presented her with a rose like any sweet young bachelor should.