Kilo Kish Maison Kitsuné

Kilo Kish x Maison Kitsuné. Photo courtesy of the brand.

News of Maison Kitsuné’s new collaboration with Kilo Kish should come as no surprise to fans of either party as the stylish musician and artist released her last record on the Kitsuné label and has modeled for the brand over the past few years. (Also, she has been teasing images of the collection to eager Instagram fans!) The collection itself is delightful, however, if not unexpected. Inspired by Maison Kitsuné’s French roots and Americana, the eight pieces include striped t-shirts, DIY-inspired sweatshirts, and red-, white-, and blue-colored accessories. In new photos by Alice Moitié, Kish and fellow style star Brandee Brown pal around in the cheeky-chic collection against an all-American backdrop of palm trees and pick-up trucks. Talk about the best of both worlds.