Kim Cattrall Will Star in a New Series About an Ultra-Rich Conservative Family

She’s not going back to Sex and the City, but she is staying busy on the small screen.

Kim Cattrall

Kim Cattrall is absolutely not ever in a million years going to participate in a Sex and the City 3, but she will soon be returning to the small screen. TVLine reported Monday that the actor is slated to star in and produce the upcoming Fox series Filthy Rich, a soapy drama about the wealthy family behind a massive Christian television network.

Filthy Rich will center on the Monroes, a clan whose father is the CEO of the aforementioned network and who dies in a plane crash at the outset of the series. Well, it turns out the dead daddy had some illegitimate children—children he included in his will. They arrive in town, and despite Cattrall’s character Margaret Monroe’s best efforts to pay them off, they’re insistent on insinuating themselves into the family. And so it begins.

Its logline, per The Wrap, describes it as a “Southern Gothic dramedy revolving around two strong, sharp women who will go to any length to protect their loved ones and get their due”—so, presumably, Cattrall’s character is one of the two “strong, sharp women,” but the rest of the cast has yet to be announced so it’s not clear who she’ll be playing off. The series is based on a New Zealand show of the same name that premiered in 2016; the characters’ names have been changed, but the broad contours of the plot, it appears, remain the same.

The series has been picked up for a pilot, which The Help director Tate Taylor will direct, produce, and write; Taylor is also directing the forthcoming Octavia Spencer–starring Blumhouse horror film Ma. Cattrall just wrapped up the first season of the CBS All Access series Tell Me a Story, a horror anthology that retells classic fairy tales, setting them contemporaneously. Cattrall made an “empowered decision” to leave behind one show—and it looks like she’s continuing to make empowered decisions to stay booked.