Kim Kardashian, a Recent Blonde, Now Has Blue Hair

We've gotten almost—almost!—used to Kim Kardashian's gorgeous platinum blond hair. But she's just changed it again.

On Saturday, the reality TV star and entertainment mogul stepped out with a shade of wintery, icy blue hair. We're talking the blue of frozen-over skating ponds and the snowflake emoji. And the best part? She coordinated it with her whole outfit. (We told you, monochromatic dressing is in.)

Brian Prahl / Splash News

Kardashian's hairstylist, Chris Appleton, first posted an Instagram with the new shade on Sunday afternoon. "❄️ Guys lets talk about how fire @kimkardashian looks!" he captioned the photo.

While the color has changed, Kardashian kept the blunt lob that she's had since the beginning of December--the angular shape looks especially fresh with this cool shade--but her roots are still deliberately on show. In any case, if this experimentation with color heralds a new hair phase for Kardashian in 2018, we're into it—and we can't wait to see what she does next. In the meantime, we're still anxiously awaiting the conclusion of that family Kristmas card.

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