Rodarte Celebrates: Collaboration with & Other Stories

CFDA Announces 2016 Fashion Award nominees, few surprises there. Kate and Laura Mulleavy, up for womenswear for Rodarte, last won the prize in 2009.

Costume National
Loses founders Carlo and Ennio Capasa, following designer-less footsteps of Dior and — maybe — Saint Laurent.

Dalbesio, Myla
Models, makes art, and maybe faith-heals.

Fashion Week, Tokyo
Kicks off March 16, and it's an eye-full.

Ferreira, Barbie
Takes a selfie, launches a modeling career.

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Kardashian-West, Kim
Collaborates with Charlotte Tilbury on eponymous lipstick, along with, like, everyone ever.

Klein, Calvin
Will broadcast fall campaign behind-the-scenes via Periscope, nobody's favorite social media platform.

Loren, Sofia
Looks fantastic. Everybody says so.

Bath bomb-purveyor, environmentalist agitator.

Miranda, Lin-Manuel
Rubs shoulders with the Obamas and Emma Watson, continuing to prove he's too cool for Broadway.

Obama, Michelle One-ups new friend Lin-Manuel with an appearance at South by Southwest alongside Missy Elliott and and Queen Latifah, looks great doing it. Again, no surprises here.

Ochiai, Hiromichi
The face behind Facetasm, LVMH prize finalist, and man of no goals.

Collaborates with & Other Stories, because Target is so 2009. Katy Perry turns up at their party.

Soko Walks for Chanel, but buys her underwear at Monoprix.

Tisci, Riccardo
Collaborates with Nike, so you don't have to take your Givenchy to the gym.

West, Kanye
Opens SoHo pop-up shop; procrastinates on The Life of Pablo with some retail therapy.