Kim Kardashian and Khloé Kardashian Once Shoplifted From Dior

A story that never made it onto their show.

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In 2019, it’s hard to imagine a time before the Kardashians were famous, but two decades ago that was the case when Kim Kardashian and Khloé Kardashian would go shopping. On one occasion when they did so, though, they didn’t end up paying for their purchases—they opted to shoplift instead. Kim recently told the story behind this incident, remembering that her first and favorite pair of sunglasses were ones that she and Khloé stole from a Dior store in Hawaii.

As Kim remembers, “We were in Hawaii and there was this Christian Dior store and no one [was working] there. Like, it was [in] the wild…just an empty store,” she recently said to Bustle. “Khloé really wanted the Dior sunglasses, so she took them and we walked out.”

After Khloé got plenty of wears out of them, though, the sunglasses moved into Kim’s closet and quickly became her go-to. “These sunglasses were everything,” she said. “I still have them to this day and they were so much fun. So cute. That was so funny. We were like, ‘This is wild.’ I think the [employee] must have gone to the bathroom or been in the back by herself on a Sunday. I don’t know what the story was, but it was really funny.”

Funny is an…interesting word to describe shoplifting, especially considering she and the rest of her family didn’t exactly struggle for much while growing up with the high-profile attorney Robert Kardashian as their dad. Notably, this wasn’t Kim’s only shoplifting experience. Back when she was closer to 11 years old, she and her childhood friend Nicole Richie stole things for thrills as well. “When Nicole Richie and I were around 11, we went into a drugstore in Malibu and took lipstick,” Kim revealed on her short-lived lifestyle app in 2017. “I can’t remember the name of the color, but it was a brown shade from Revlon.”

Since Kim famously doesn’t drink much, and didn’t rage as hard as her sisters when she was growing up, she wrote off shoplifting as a bad habit. “We thought we were so badass!” she said in 2017. “I wasn’t much of a partier growing up, so this was about as rebellious as I got.”