Kim Kardashian West Teases a Blind Item About a Celebrity Who Was Rude to Stephanie Shepherd

Her former personal assistant spilled the tea on Twitter.

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Stefanie Keenan

As most Grammys attendees continued the celebration after the awards show at parties, a select group opted for a more intimate celebration at Kim Kardashian West’s former assistant Stephanie Shepherd’s home. Shepherd, now an Instagram celebrity in her own right, threw a house party with her Apple Music executive partner, Larry Jackson, that was attended by his industry colleagues like Usher, Alicia Keys, Janelle Monáe, DJ Khaled, and Quincy Jones. One of their celebrity guests, however, was less than kind to the party host Shepherd, as she later revealed on Twitter.

When Shepherd teased a blind item about a not-so-gracious celebrity who attended her Grammys party, her former boss Kardashian West helped spread the message. “One of my childhood idols was at my house for our Grammy party last night,” Shepherd tweeted, adding, “I mean I wanted to be this woman, she inspired me to move to L.A. and work in entertainment and she was so f-cking rude to me… in my own home. What a bummer.”

Kardashian West shared the tweet, adding her own take on it: “Ohhhhh I know who this is ?.” She didn’t elaborate on who that may be, prompting fan replies begging her to spill the tea.

The night wasn’t all a waste, though, as Shepherd shared some of the more upbeat moments from it. “In other news, Usher has a dance battle in my living room so that’s pretty cool,” she added on Twitter.

Outside of that comment, Shepherd didn’t provide any other details about the party guests—though she did retweet a fan’s response that said, “Rudeness is a form of insecurity, don’t take it personally.” She also posted several photos from the event that were taken by a hired photographer named Kevin Wong, who shared a few on his account—giving thirsty rubberneckers plenty of chances to do their own detective work about who the blind item could be about.

Regardless of who the offending celebrity was, Shepherd has plenty of other things she can focus on. She recently told W about one of them when talking about her collaboration with J Brand: “I’m laying the foundation for my own brand,” she said. “I’m trying to see where all these things will take me.… I would definitely love to have my own line of some sort. But we’ll have to see.” Kardashian West taught her well.

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