Cool Mom Kim K Wears Vetements, Borrows Style Tips From Her Little Sister

Jorts, majestic jorts.

Kim Kardashian in Vetements in New York, New York, September 2016.

BuzzFoto via Getty Images

Yeezy Season is approaching, which means it’s the time of year when Kanye West and Kim Kardashian relocate to Manhattan. They’ve done so in grand style, though they’ve also spared all expense: Their $25 million Tribeca loft was comped by Airbnb for the occasion, providing fertile ground for Instagrams and comparisons to Kylie Jenner. The impending Yeezy Season 4 could also explain Kim’s recent supercharged personal style — the grande dame of nude body-con dresses has emerged as a champion of knee-length shorts and statement outerwear over the past week, incorporating Vetements into her usual rotation of Balmain and Givenchy. What it actually means is anyone’s guess, but there’s certainly something afoot.

Who: Kim Kardashian-West.

When: Thursday, September 1.

Where: En route to the spa with La La Anthony in New York, New York.

What: A Vetements bomber jacket, a black bodysuit, Manolo Blahnik sandals, and, crucially, black denim knee-length jorts.

Why: A knack for earning favors from Airbnb isn’t the only thing Kim seems to have borrowed from her sister Kylie — she also wore the same Vetements bomber (perhaps not literally the same jacket, but the same style) as Kylie wore to friend Jordyn Woods’s Boohoo collaboration launch earlier in the week. It’s a powered-up version of the classic MA-1 bomber, its sleeves practically twice the diameter, puffy and slouchy. Paired with a ribbed bodysuit, black Manolo Blahnik sandals, and some distinctly un-chic knee-length jorts, it riffs on the shorts-and-jacket look she’s been working throughout the week. With Kim as their champion, jorts might be the next phase in the Vetements-ification of street style, taking something totally normal and elevating it to icon status. She somehow manages to turn the ultimate mom look into the ultimate cool mom look. Kanye is getting behind it too, pulling the ultimate dad move tucking his pants into socks with sneakers. Majestic.

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