Kristen Stewart Is Bringing Back Mall Goth, Edgier and More Glamorous Than Ever

Which is to say, actually edgy and glamorous.

Chanel is embracing a younger, edgier demographic these days, with Soo Joo Park as one of Karl Lagerfeld’s favorites season after season, Kristen Stewart as the face of the brand, and now, Lily-Rose Depp as the face of the label’s most iconic scent, Chanel No. 5. In honor of the relaunched scent No. 5 L’eau, Chanel hosted a party with aforementioned ambassadors Depp and Stewart, along with Chanel-clad It girls like Zoey Deutch, Milla Jovovich, Amanda Steele, Banks, and more. But while we’ve seen the same powder-puff Chanel spring lace confection on a number of chic young stars, including Elle Fanning at Cannes, Stewart always manages to make favorite, oft ubiquitous, red carpet styles her own. Sometimes literally making them hers — even if it involves taking a pair of scissors to a fresh-off-the-runway tee-shirt. So it’s Kristen Stewart who again caught our eye, in cropped chainmail and black trousers, at the most recent gathering of Chanel’s in crowd.

Kristen Stewart in Chanel at the Chanel No. 5 dinner in West Hollywood, California, September 2016.

Getty Images

Who: Kristen Stewart.

When: Thursday, September 22.

Where: A dinner celebrating Lily-Rose Depp as the new face of Chanel No. 5 in West Hollywood, California.

What: A chain mail-looking knit crop top by Chanel with black high-waisted cigarette pants by Vince and lace-up heels.

Why: The bold swipe of black liquid liner, the deep reddish magenta under-eye liner, the slightly yellowed bleach job, and the padlocked necklace are all a little bit early-’00s mall goth. But this is a Chanel dinner, not an outing to Hot Topic, so of course there’s a definite bite to the look. The chain-mail knit crop-top pairs Chanel’s history of tweedy ladies-who-lunch looks with its more contemporary take on those same posh looks — a classic ’50s pairing of sweater and cigarette pants, brought into the present day with new textures and details. Stewart’s look has a little bit of everything: midcentury chic, ’90s grunge, millennial angst. And she’s the only person who could wrap up all those threads in one edgy package.

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