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Kristen Stewart didn't become one of the most sought-after actresses of our generation by playing it safe on the big screen—if you don't take her seriously, it's time to start—and apparently, she's not playing it safe as a passenger in motor vehicles, either.

The muse to many and fearless fashion darling was just photographed with her new girlfriend, Victoria's Secret model Stella Maxwell, driving around New Orleans in a massive black SUV. Sounds normal, right? Wrong. When the couple were stopped in traffic, Stewart leaned out the window to capture a quick photograph of Maxwell hanging out the other side. The things we do for social media.

While Stewart doesn't have a public-facing social media presence, Maxwell is very active on Instagram, and has almost 3 million followers. And that type of audience requires a lot of content. The Victoria's Secret model isn't alone. Other women, from Beyonce to Chrissy Teigen, have recruited their partners to take photographs for them (this phenomenon has lead Jay Z and John Legend to compete for the title of "Best Instagram Husband").

Now the only question left, is when will the photo show up on Maxwell's Instagram page?

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