Is Kylie Jenner the Jay Leno of the Kardashians?

The budding beauty entrepreneur bought herself a custom Land Rover as an early 19th birthday present.

Kylie Jenner

A very lucky 18-year-old might beg, pray, and save every last penny for their first car. But Kylie Jenner is not just any 18-year-old. As an early 19th birthday present to herself, the budding beauty entrepreneur revealed on Snapchat this past Sunday her new, custom Land Rover SVAutobiography. This is not even close to her first car, but rather her fifth — adding to an already expensive collection that includes a Rolls-Royce, baby blue Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, and all-black Range Rover. At this rate, she’s on a path to become the Jay Leno of the Kardashian family.

Jenner gave her millions of Snapchat followers a #humblebrag tour inside her new whip, which features two-tone leather seats, flat-screen televisions, and fold-down trays for a first-class ride. It’s “One of a kind,” according to her caption. While an average SVAutobiography runs for approximately $200,000, we wouldn’t be surprised if Jenner’s cost a good bit extra with all these customizations. To be fair, she’s way past using her parents’ allowance — she bought the car with cold, hard, Lip Kit Kash. And we wouldn’t be surprised if her next shade of gloss was metallic sliver, like the exterior.

The cause for early celebration was a birthday party her family hosted at Nice Guy in West Hollywood. Needless to say, the Land Rover sat in the driveway all night.