Lady Gaga Stands Out During an Intimate Hadid Family Gathering at Venice Beach

Yolanda, Bella, Marielle, Mohamed, Anwar, and Alana Hadid all turned out to support Gigi Hadid’s blowout Gigi x Tommy runway show at Venice Beach Wednesday evening. But it was Lady Gaga who wore it best.

It seems a prerequisite of being a Hadid that you have one toe in fashion and beauty at all times. Gigi and Bella Hadid are both next-gen supermodels and occasional design collaborators; their younger brother Anwar recently signed with IMG (due, perhaps in part, to the cachet of his last name); Yolanda is herself a former model and Real Housewives star; and Alana — a personal shopper and budding designer — and Mohamed recently teamed up on a capsule collection of sunglasses. They’re a fashion dynasty, and they support their own: For the second season of Gigi’s see-now, buy-now collection with Tommy Hilfiger, which showed during a Venice Beach takeover followed by a Fergie concert, the model-designer recruited her younger sister to walk the show, the rest of her family peering on from the sidelines. They called it TommyLand, but it could have just as easily been GigiLand.

The whole Hadid clan turned out for this family gathering, with a few (hundred) more friends for support — while it was something of a family affair, when Lady Gaga strolled down the runway wearing Gigi x Tommy paired with fishnets, she shut the whole thing down.

Lady Gaga in Gigi x Tommy at the Tommy Hilfiger ‘TommyLand’ Spring 2017 show in Venice, California.

Jeff Kravitz

Who: Lady Gaga.

When: Wednesday, February 8.

Where: The Tommy Hilfiger Gigi x Tommy ‘TommyLand’ Spring 2017 show at Venice Beach in Venice, California.

What: A beaded, cap-sleeved top by Gigi x Tommy from the Spring 2017 collection with matching tiny shorts, lace-up heeled boots, and a layered cross necklace.

Why: Tommy Hilfiger is known for his sporty, all-American designs — and he’s only doubled down on Americana since Gigi Hadid signed on as his design partner last season. But Lady Gaga, in the midst of her own rockabilly Americana moment, adapts a current season look to her own aesthetic. Combined with a bold eye, fishnets, and heeled boots, it’s an edgier take on the Gigi Hadid look. Fresh off a Versace-clad Super Bowl appearance, Lady Gaga is having a scene-stealing Renaissance.

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