Booths were set up in the Public Assembly and featured everything from electronics to food and clothing. The space was fairly intimate and even had a bar with drink specials like southern iced tea (heavily spiked of course).

[#image: /photos/5853a34f9c190ec57ac0910e]|||||| Another standout booth was from Kill Devil Hill, a store in Greenpoint, whose owner Mary Brockman happened to be the organizer of Mister Market as well. It was a great eclectic mix of great unique vintage pieces like a top hat and some corn cob pipes and locally produced products like stationary and beer and pretzel caramels. Her father even makes soap with a natural bug repellant in it ("it really works," she said) that was displayed in amazing vintage attach&eacute. In fact, her vintage selection is so well curated that Brockman routinely rents things out to stylists as props for shoots.