Now Fox News Host Laura Ingraham Has Pissed Off Justin Bieber and Chrissy Teigen, Too

Ingraham infuriated Bieber, Teigen, and artists including Snoop Dogg and T.I. with her comments this week.

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Over the course of her career at Fox News, Laura Ingraham has nurtured a strong conservative fan base whilst consistently infuriating progressives and liberals across the nation. Some of Ingraham’s greatest hits include comparing child detention centers at the border to “summer camps,” telling LeBron James to “shut up and dribble,” and mocking Parkland shooting survivor and gun control activist David Hogg’s college acceptance record, a comment that caused her show to lose more than two dozen sponsors. She once said that immigrants destroy the “America we love.”

So, Ingraham sticks to her brand! And now she’s drawn righteous fury from both Justin Bieber and Chrissy Teigen. What a distressing sentence to type.

Last Friday, just after the funeral for rapper and Los Angeles community activist Nipsey Hussle, Ingraham joked about his death, referencing “Fuck Donald Trump,” a YG song on which he was featured (Ingraham erroneously stated that Hussle had released the song). “That’s a very creative refrain, very catchy,” she said, and then asked if the verse “related to the lowest unemployment ever, basically, for African Americans.”

Artists including Snoop Dogg, T.I., and The Game criticized Ingraham’s comments. And then Thursday, April 18th, Bieber took to Instagram to state that Fox should fire the host (an online petition to fire Ingraham now has over 46,000 signatures).

“How dare you laugh in the face of a person who has passed on,” Bieber wrote. “Doesn’t matter who it is. But disrespecting someone’s [sic] who was a pillar in the community and did right by people?”

Ingraham had quite the day on Thursday. After ranting about Chrissy Teigen’s placement on the TIME 100, criticizing her in particular for cursing at the Democratic Retreat earlier this month, Teigen took Ingraham to task on Twitter, calling her a “corny monster.”

Teigen added that when TIME “comes out with their 100 most influential white supremacists list, I promise I won’t question your worthiness,” followed by a gif of Ingraham waving and performing what looks like a Nazi salute.

What a country.