Lena Dunham. Photo by Steve Eichner/WWD.

Lena Dunham. Photo by: Steve Eichner/WWD.

American Apparel
Debuted mannequins with an abundant forest of pubic hair. Because the company’s founder Dov Charney’s preferences weren’t well known enough.

Banks, Tyra
Admits that she’s too busy to have a baby, attend Harvard, and smize at the same time. So much for multitasking.

Cyrus, Miley
Gets a bowl cut, stops the presses.

Dunham, Lena
Was offered $10,000 by Jezebel to reveal unretouched photographs from her Vogue cover shoot. Took the high ground by tweeting, “Some shit is just too ridiculous to engage. Let's use our energy wisely, 2014.” Amen.

Elite Models
Ordered to give unpaid interns a total of $450,000—aka what client Cara Delevingne earns in her sleep.

Ferreira, Sky
Is the new—and shockingly brunette—face of Redken. Everything truly is embarrassing.

Launches denim line made out of recycled fabric. Remember to wash before wearing.

Will be trading live alligators for animal prints by closing the department store’s animal kingdom to make room for more womenswear.

Heard, Amber
Wears a ring; starts rumors that Johnny Depp popped the big question.

Kardashian, Kim
Apparently surprised the blogosphere with the news that she has been photoshopping her Instagram photos. Let’s all say it together: Of course she was.

Kim, Eugenia
The hat designer finally launched a shoe collection, allowing fans to wear her pieces from head to toe.

Moss, Kate
Turned 40; gave us an excuse to journey down memory lane. (Thank you for that.)

Olsen, Ashley
Back on the market after breaking up with boyfriend David Schulte. Hey there bachelors.

Obama, Michelle
Plans to join the GOOP school of fitness by doing more yoga this year.

Paradis, Vanessa
Got a perm; was sick of resembling Amber Heard.

Prince Harry
Refuses to remove his beard, despite his grandmother’s wishes. Proves that the Brooklyn beard really has become mainstream.

Saunders, Jonathan
May be the new designer for Paul Smith’s womenswear line. Hello, stripes.