It’s been an especially auspicious start to the year for Leonor Greyl, the French hair care brand, first announcing the breakthrough scalp imagining technology called Micro Viewing and then coiffing the hair of fellow French export, Jean Dujardin, for his Academy Award win. W sits down with Leonor Greyl UK Director, Stéphanie Halperson to talk about styling Oscar’s Best Actor and the technological innovation that just might change the face of hairdressing forever.

Stephanie, how was it to prepare Frenchman of the moment, Jean Dujardin for his Oscar win?
Our hairstylist, Louise Moon was very excited to take care of Jean for the Oscars as [everyone] was focusing on him as a potential winner. Jean is a big fan of our products, and treats us with such kindness. He asked for a natural hair look so Louise used our Mousse au Lotus Volumatrice, Huile de Palm for added gloss, and finished with Laque Souple to hold. He also came to us in Paris before the Oscars, and we used the new Micro Viewing technology to analyze his hair and select the right products.

What does the new Micro Viewing Machine do?
It magnifies images of the hair and scalp by 200 times, enabling us to give individual hair and scalp diagnosis, and tailor products very specifically.

So it’s a huge advance in terms of therapeutic hairdressing?
Yes—Leonor Greyl has been creating exceptional products using gentle, natural and organically certified ingredients for over 40 years, but to apply the appropriate treatment we have to have the right picture of what we’re working with – this technology gives us an accurate diagnosis to ensure the client receives the best treatment.

What kind of feedback have you had from clients?
It can be quite scary seeing your head up close but it’s great to see what’s going on and be able to remedy it. People can also return for a second analysis after having using the advised products and see the difference on screen. My favorite was one woman who lost a lot of hair during her pregnancy and was so happy to actually see the re-growth after having used our solutions for hair loss.

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Photo: Fairchild Archive