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Through the first two episodes of Life of Kylie, there wasn’t a single sighting of another Kardashian/Jenner. It was all Kylie, all the time. That changed on tonight’s episode, where Kris Jenner drove the drama for the majority of the show. Honestly, any new characters on a show that largely centers around watching Kylie get her hair and makeup done is a welcome addition. Without Kris, we’d be doomed to watch Jordyn and Kylie rotate in and out of the glam chair in perpetuity. Would a million people watch that? Yes. Should that be a television show? Still unclear!

Kris immediately took charge. She ordered Kylie to downsize her entourage and focus on her growing beauty empire (can a brand potentially worth $1 billion be considered a nascent sideline?). Kris gets it. If you want to make good TV, you have to vote somebody off the island.

That led Kylie to make some very difficult choices. Like, for instance, she banned her wigmaster’s boyfriend from all future glam sessions. Sometimes we hurt the ones we love the most. Other times we ban our wigmaster’s boyfriend from all future glam sessions. On the one hand, every day can’t be Bring Your Wigmaster’s Boyfriend To Work Day. On the other hand, last episode they flew that same dude to Sacramento to crash prom and hang with Tokyo (the wigmaster). Farewell, Chris. I can’t wait to read your tell-all.

The Kris cameo makes you wonder (and hope) if she’s going to be a recurring character in this series. She knows how to stir the pot. Without her, most of the show involves Kylie and Jordyn going on ill-conceived field trips that the producers dream up. “What if they go to prom?” “What if they go buy knockoff Kylie lipkits?” “What if they go to the beach… at night?”

You can only watch Kylie play Undercover Boss at her own cosmetic factory so many times. On tonight’s episode we learned that she cares about her products and wants to be a good boss. At a certain point on this show, something—anything—has to happen. Will she get in a fight with Jordyn? Will she fire her wigmaster before we figure out why his name is Tokyo (please don’t)? If Life of Kylie is going to really take off, it should become more of a family affair, starting with Kris.

Here are the real heroes of the Kardashian-Jenner family empire: