Lily Collins

Doe-eyed Abduction star Lily Collins


With her wide-eyed, doll-like features, British-born Lily Collins, 22, would seem to be a fragile ingenue out of central casting—though a quick look at her ballsy stunt work in the thriller Abduction, out this month, proves otherwise. “I had to jump out of a moving car and tumble on the ground—at three o’clock in the morning,” says Collins, who plays a high schooler fleeing mysterious villains with her classmate (Taylor Lautner). “We had a lot of night shoots on the outskirts of Pittsburgh, running through swampy creeks.” The actress—and daughter of singer Phil Collins—who has called Los Angeles home for most of her life, had her breakout in 2009’s The Blind Side, but found her inner action heroine after appearing in this past spring’s supernatural Priest. And as the namesake character (opposite Julia Roberts) in next year’s 3-D production of the Brothers Grimm’s Snow White, she does much more than simply don corsets and frolic with dwarves: In preparation for the role, Collins trained for months in sword fighting, fencing, kickboxing, and acrobatics. “Snow White gets to be a fighter,” she says, with more than a touch of pride. “It’s not something people would expect from a fairy-tale princess.”

Photo courtesy of Producers Distribution Agency