Lindsay Lohan’s Little Brother, Dakota Lohan Opens Up About His Newfound Modeling Career

The 20-year-old surfer and skateboarder, who goes by Cody, was signed by IMG models in March. “My family gave me the push,” he says.

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“Yep! That’s my brother,” said proud older sister, Lindsay Lohan to her 5 million Instagram followers back in March. “Soon, my mommy will bring him to IMG like she did with me at Ford.”

The accompanying photo showed a fresh-faced Dakota Lohan doing his best Blue Steel. Until now, he’s remained relatively out of the spotlight (as a tiny baby, he had a fleeting cameo in The Parent Trap). But this year, his family members convinced him that it was his turn, and in no time he had a contract with IMG—adding to the long list of scions signed by major agencies this year.

“My family gave me the push,” Lohan told W. “I’m a student and a surfer—I’ve always put both of those interests first—but it was my family who gave me the confidence to undertake modeling.”

If left to his own devices, the 20-year-old would spend his days wearing hoodies and watching Game of Thrones, but being in the industry has turned him on to brands like Common Projects, which were on his Christmas wish list this year.

What made you want to get into modeling? Why now? It’s a great way to connect with tens, thousands, millions of people. Models have a greater reach now than ever before and there’s an entire generation of younger kids that look up to models. The platforms to reach people is surreal. It’s aspirational.

What makes you nervous about modeling, if anything? I wouldn’t say anything about modeling makes me nervous; it’s exciting meeting new people.

Three words that describe your style: Cool, Simple, Clean.

Who you look to for modeling/fashion inspiration: I skate and surf often, so I grew up watching videos of people like Dylan Rieder and Dane Reynolds. Their style has left a lasting impression.

Preferred footwear: Vans, Adidas, and Nike.

What’s on your winter wish list? A wool winter jacket, Common Projects, and oxfords.

Television shows you’re binge-watching: . I binged-watched Game of Thrones pretty hard.

Favorite subject in school: Marine biology.

Hidden talent: I like to draw.

Favorite weekend activity: Surfing and skating.

If you weren’t modeling, what would be an alternate career path? I’ve always dreamed of being paid to surf. It’s a challenge being in New York and being a full-time student. An alternate dream job would be to run a menswear/streetwear company that adheres to my style.

How are your family members supporting and inspiring you? Have they ever given you any specific fashion advice? My family gave me the push. I’m a student and a surfer—I’ve always put both of those interests first—but it was my family and their support that gave me the confidence to undertake modeling. We’ve always been in the spotlight, but some of us have chosen to live a more private life. I think there’s a way to balance both and I look forward to the challenge.

Courtesy IMG.

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