Lituchy & Lowenberg



Today, beautiful smiles are as common as discreetly highlighted hair. Aesthetic dentists Gregg Lituchy (right) and Marc Lowenberg can take credit for many of them, including the klieg-light grins of renowned beauties Gisele Bündchen and Heidi Klum. The dental duo have spent the past 25 years steering patients away from Chiclet caps and toward more natural smiles tailored to their individual faces. Such bespoke grins come courtesy of the dentists’ specialty, the high-tech, nearly impervious porcelain laminate veneers. “The materials are stronger, last longer and have more lifelike qualities now,” says Lowenberg. And while eyelifts and lip injections are still top-secret procedures, patients seldom hold back about their new chompers. Says Lituchy, “People are proud to say that they had their teeth veneered.”

Jennifer Livingston